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This lovely bird's name is Bo and he is owned by Brittany. She said, " I've had Bo for about 6 years now. He's the most well-behaved bird I've ever owned. He's never bitten anyone in his life. I got Bo at the pet store after my parakeet flew out the window. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure of what kind of cockatiel he is or whether he's a boy or a girl. I figured since he's 6 years old and he hasn't laid any eggs yet, that he's a boy. Either way, it doesn't really matter. He's the best pet I've ever had. Bo can't say any words or whistle any cool tunes. He just makes various tones of tweets, like  happy tweets, annoyed tweets, curious question tweets, chill-relaxed tweets and hissing when he's scared or really mad. What he lacks in vocal abilities, he makes up for in his wonderful personality and attitude. As soon as I walk in the door and he hears my voice he demands to be let out of his cage. He knows when I'm eating something that can be shared with him and he won't let me get away with eating the whole thing by myself!  If he's in the mood to take a shower with me, he'll let me know right away by screaming at me to let him out. He's pretty spoiled, but the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet--not to mention, very photogenic!"

KC said this about her family's new bird, Bob White. "He was our grandmother's baby. She got him when he was a baby and now he is 2 years old. About 2 months ago our strong and lively little granny started complaining of a backache. After the many tests she endured we found out that she had bone cancer. On our last visit with Granny she was so precious,  telling my 7 year old little girl how to take care of Bob White. My little girl did not know at the time how sick Granny was and she just thought that Granny was just telling her how to take care of Bob White while in the hospital. Granny went home to be with the Lord 2 weeks ago and we miss here so much. However, we feel like we have a little part of her because she left "Bob White" to our little girl in her will. We feel so fortunate to have gotten something that she loved so much and that was so precious and dear to her. We are excited but a little nervous because we have never had a bird. Bob White is adjusting well to his new home. He wasn't taken out of his cage too much so he's a biter. We had his wings trimmed so hopefully he will warm up to us. I know I  have to be patient. He has been through so much these past few months.  Bob White is letting me feed him his special treats by hand. He whistles "Bob White", that's why Granny named him that, and he does whistle to us when we walk by. He's getting lots and lots of attention, maybe to much!"

This 4 month old pearl cockatiel's name is Olivia. She is owned by Kellie who said "I bought Olivia at a pet store. She went nuts when she saw me and whistled her head off! I fell in love with her personality immediately. When I go to visit my mom, I take Olivia to see "grandma." She loves to visit Spirit, my mom's cockatiel. Olivia went to stay at grandma's for a week while I had my apartment redone. She had way too much fun with Spirit. She followed him everywhere and whistled her head off. She also began singing her name "Liviaaaaaa." I often sing her name to her and she picked it up rather quickly. Olivia's week long visit ended with  my mom's MALE cockatiel laying eggs. Needless to say, Spirit is a girl and my Olivia is probably a boy. Since she already knows her name, I don't have the heart to change it. Olivia personality can best be described as part Robin, Finch, Woodpecker, Cockatiel and human. She makes some other noises but I haven't figured out what they are yet. She loves to sing along to music and loves traveling in my car. She only likes to eat finch seed.  I offered her a piece of popcorn and she  kicked it off like a football. Olivia loves kisses and rarely bites hard, unless I'm putting her back in her cage. She loves everybody and will go to anyone, including children. I have never met a bird with so much personality. She's definitely a show off!  One only has to meet her to fall in love."

This is Fluke, Olivia's cockatiel. Olivia said, "She is not even a year old. I got her by luck and from pet shop.  The pet shop had a big cage and the glass was off the top so you could touch the birds. Fluke and another bird were divided from the rest of the birds because they had a different breeder. Fluke was the only 1 that would let me hold her.  I fell in love with her and decided that she was the bird for me,  even though her tail feathers were ruffled, short and torn up. Her tail feathers are long and beautiful now. Within a week she was perching on my finger and would let me scratch her head. Her favorite toys are always the bright ones, like her colored rings with a bell on it and things she can't have. She loves picking at earrings something we all hate. Fluke also likes to pick at your hair and being a pest. As soon as she hears my voice she starts calling for me.  Fluke mostly eats seeds  but she will eat vegetables and fruits. She loves Cheerios and she knows what she wants and when she wants it. She loves to go everywhere you go. She also enjoys running across the keyboard, looking at the monitor or taking rides on the mouse. Although Fluke isn't talking yet, we're working on it. She's a great bird and I know she's here to stay. 

Sunny Boy is another one of Helen's cockatiels. Charlie's, one of her other cockatiels,  picture and story are on the first page of August Birds. Helen said, "When Sonny Boy was born I handfed for months. He became very tame. I then bought this computer and had another baby bird by Ozzie & Charlie. I didn't have as much time for Sonny Boy as I would have liked and didn't spend much time with him. Now he doesn't want to be held. If he lands on the floor while flying, he will perch on my finger and let me put him in his cage but that's the extent of his friendliness. I think he's my prettiest bird. At times he can be so sweet, getting close to me and tilting his head as if trying to understand what I'm saying. When Charlie started having health problems, I had even less time for Sunny Boy. I really wish I had more time for him".

This is Geoff's new cockatiel, whose name is Binky. Geoff said,  "I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 9 week old cockatiel. My bird is a male, (I think). He's probably  one of very few pied cockatiels that has only one gray feather. I am told by the breeder that the mother and father did a great job raising him and he weaned at about 6 weeks which is very young. After calling all the bird breeders within an hour of my house, this was the last place I found. They told me that they had 2 babies still for sale and I rushed right out that day. I fell in love with him as he let me hold and smooch him. I put a hold on him that day then went out to the pet shop to get his cage and toys set up. I returned to the breeder three days later to bring him him home. I hope to spend many years loving and admiring my bird."

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