Sweet Companions 2

These are more of the precious country babies that I have adopted. I just can't resist adopting these darlings, even though it means another web page. A country welcome means that "There is always room for one more." My adorable baby bears growl and alert me if anyone is found stealing graphics. The lovely angels guard and protect all of my animals from harm so please don't kidnap them.You can adopt country babies too by clicking on the adoption certificates and applying. When you choose adoption, you are choosing life.What a wonderful gift.

      Cornelia Bear

Isn't Cornelia beautiful? She loves pretty flowers, birds and butterflies. Her new hobby is attracting hummingbirds to the garden. She mixes the sweet, red nectar and carefully fills each feeder every morning. The feeders also attract bees, which is a bonus for Cornelia.She quickly tracks down a source of fresh, golden honey by using her acute sense of smell and is rewarded with a delicious treat for a snack.

                                                                   Sammy Bear

This is Sammy. He makes sure that all of the stray neighborhood cats and kittens get fed bowls of warm milk everyday. He loves cats, but knows that cats hunt for birds.Sammy keeps a bell on their collars to alert the birds. After feeding the strays, he plays tag with them all day long.This distracts the felines and keeps them away from his sister Cornelia's birdfeeders. Sammy is exhausted by the end of the day and sleeps like a rock. He also snores "Like a bear."

        Betsy and Moo
Betsy adores cows. She picks bouquets of wildflowers and clover to feed her pet cow Moo.Sometimes Betsy hugs Moo so tightly that he cries. Young children must always be supervised when they are playing with animals. Children can unintentionally hurt animals, even though they love them very much.We are teaching her how to be affectionate, but gentle with Moo.                                                            



Our angel family keeps growing. There can never be too many angels on patrol. Pixie, Holly and Angelica are the newest family members. Just like the other angels, they will do their best to seek out those that abuse animals and children, trying to reform them. Although their task is monumental, they never get discouraged. They work seven days a week and never take a vacation.

Blossom is a bit of a non-conformist and a fashion plate, as you can see from her attire. She takes her duties very seriously and is a model angel. Blossom prefers giving the guilty a good pinch, rather then a gentle whisper. Although not the standard method of dealing with abusers, it is most effective with the stubborn. Sometimes drastic measures are necessary.


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