Beautiful Birds,April 2003

Snuggles is caught in a downpour. He's a reminder that "April Showers Bring May Flowers." Happy Spring to all cockatiels and their humans! Although for Snuggles, it's really Autumn, because he and Marie live in Australia! Snuggles is our first cockatiel in Birds of the Month who has traveled such a distance to be with us. You can read much more about Snuggles below.
Petri and Ducky are Lovebirds. They are cherished by Laura, who has had them for about 5 months. Laura said, "They were just so pretty in the pet shop, I wouldn't leave without them.The shop owners said that Petri would not get along with any other lovebirds. I pet him and played with him. Then I spotted Ducky, as I was picking out a new cage for Petri. She was so pretty and yellow, and just as cuddly. I put her in the cage with Petri and they just loved each other! They sing and play all day with each other and my boys carry them all over the house on their shoulders. They are very special to my boys and to me."

This beautiful, 3 year old white faced cockatiel's name is Ringo. Ringo said, "I lived in Florida until my best friend Robert had a stroke. He was in the hospital for two weeks and I really missed him. I love playing on the turntable on his stereo. He covered it up with a towel and made a play gym for me with all kinds of toys. My favorite things to eat are Nutriberries and pellets. For treats I love millet,corn flakes and Avi Cakes! Now I live in Pennsylvania and like it better. It's cooler here. The trip from Florida was long and a little scary." Robert said, "I had Ringo since he was a baby. He has been with me through thick and thin . I call him my little boy because he acts like a little kid. He's very friendly but gets into his moods once in a while. Since my stroke he's been my good friend and loves me unconditionally."

This is Lachie, a very beautiful and friendly cockatiel. He only say one thing, "Hello Lachie!",but he can also imitate the phone and whistle a few tunes. His favorite place to be is in front of the bathroom mirror, admiring himself proudly, saying "Hello Lachie!" He also loves to fly to the kitchen table every morning. He walks all over and chews on the newspaper. Sarah said, "I think it's very cute, but my parents are never amused! Lachie's favorite toy is a red pipe cleaner that he chews on. He can chew on it for hours. He is very intelligent, and very affectionate.When you talk him, he puts his head on the side, listening intently. It's very sweet! I love to have him nibbling on my ear as he cuddles up on my shoulder. He's a wonderful bird!"

This little angel's name is Aurora Sky. "Rory" is Lea's 4 month old baby. Lea said,"She has brought so much joy to me in the last few days. She likes to share mini wheats minus the frosting. She also likes to walk around on my key board. Aurora Sky is just the prettiest bird! I live alone in an apartment near my college, so she has become my roommate. She greets me with a kiss every morning and when I come home from class she helps me with my homework."

Here is another picture of Snuggles, Marie's baby. Snuggles lives in Australia. He loves biting her glasses. This was the first thing he did when he picked "Her" out in the pet shop. He is very curious and loves to be scratched and snuggled. (hence the name). It took him 2 days to do the wolf whistle. He struts his stuff, drums his beak and sings several times a day. He loves eating peas, corn, millet sprays, corn flakes, rise, spaghetti and scrambled eggs. He mostly plays with his pellets, thinking they are toys, because of the colors. . Marie said,"Snuggles has been with me for 2 months now and he's the 3rd cockatiel I've had. I love him very much!"

This sweet little angel's name was Buster.She passed away from TeflonŽ fumes at only 12 years of age. Lea said, "I had Buster since I was 7 years old. He was the life of the party. When we adopted her we were told she was a HE so she was named Buster. A few years later "HE" decided to lay and egg. So Buster was really a female. Buster trucked around on our dog's backs and wandered around the house as if it were her own. This past November Buster fell asleep... from TeflonŽ fumes poisoning. We miss her a lot but are keeping good care of her cousins that still live with us." Those of you who do not know how fumes from non-stick cookware and other non-stick coated products are lethal for birds, please read my page on Household Hazards. NEVER use anything that has a non-stick finish.Lea , I will always remember your baby too. Thank you for letting others know about this. 

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