Birds of the Month, April 2004
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Snowy  is Jennifer's 16 year old lutino cockatiel. Two years ago he almost died during surgery on an ulcerated lesion which had ruptured. "Snowy also has a seizure disorder. Jennifer said, "His seizures started about 6 years ago. He becomes totally paralyzed and practically comatose. His eyes close and he fights for breath. He usually takes 4 - 5 minutes to regain consciousness. After an episode, it takes all of his strength to climb back onto his perch where he just sits and sleeps until he's back to normal. Snowy loves to sit on his cuttlebone and sleep on it. His favorite pacifier is his bell. He rubs his head inside the dome and if he gets really angry he tosses the bell around. The only word he can say is is Snowy. He watches me like a hawk and hates when I go upstairs. When I say "What's all that noise for" he calms right down. Toby, (the gray cockatiel) and Snowy were great friends. Toby died 5 years ago at only 12 due to kidney failure. So far Snowy is OK with no other signs of blood in his droppings. He is very cleaver and loved very much." Update: In loving memory of Snowy. Snowy passed away June 30th, 2005 at the age of 17 years.

Daisy is Sharon's pearl cockatiel. She actually bought Daisy at a Garage sale 5 months ago. Sharon said, "I could not believe these people were selling there pet in a garage sale! I bought her and took her home so this would never happen to her again. She is only a 1 year old and and the light of my life. I knew nothing about birds when I got her and have been researching every day since. I don't know how I lived 52 years without discovering them! As I fell so much in love with her 3 months ago my son bought me a Harlequin Macaw that he has known for 4 years. The owners were looking for a home for him. They didn't have the time for him. He is 7 years old and I am his 3rd home (and Last!) Sadly this happens to a lot of nice birds. He is a hand full and I have the bruises to show for it. However, he is coming along nicely and is totally in love with me." CLICK HERE to see Sharon's Macaw

This is Sweetie. Barbara said, "My family is owned by two cockatiels, Sweetie and Sunny. They are both three years old and from the same clutch. Sweetie is a male pied pearl. They are both definitely part of the family and are out whenever we are home. They love to explore and are strong fliers even with their wings clipped. Sweetie is mischievous and is always looking for something new to chew on. He has bonded with my older son who spends time teaching him to do tricks. Sweetie hangs upside down and then completes a 360 degree circle around his finger. We also share our home with our 4 year old parakeet Angel and our 18 month old White Capped Pionus. We love having them and treat all of them special. Truthfully, they are spoiled and have us well-trained." You can see and read about Sunny on page 2.

This talented little cyclist's name is Puffy. He belongs to the Anthony family. They said, "Puffy is definitely a people bird. He fits right in with our family. Our six year old daughter Lauren got Puffy for Christmas. As soon as she woke up and saw him in his cage next to the Christmas tree she took him out of the cage and he puffed right up and then relaxed. She named him "Puffy". This bird has bonded with Lauren, myself and my husband. Puffy gets lots of attention. We do not have a dog or cat, just a Beta Fish. Puffy likes to watch the fish and the two African Dwarf Frogs swim around. He is usually allowed to be outside of his cage whenever we're home. He either perches on top of his cage,  his play gym, or is on one of our shoulders. Puffy likes to play with things other than the cockatiel toys we bought. He prefers to play with my rings  more than anything else! Puffy has turned out to be a sweetheart and we hope to have him for many, many years!"
(Warning: Costume jewelry can contain lead and other materials which are toxic to birds. Small stones in any jewelry can be pecked out and swallowed. Be careful when wearing jewelry.)

Birdie, who is owned by Brooke, is pictured here wearing a Flight Suit. Brooke said, "Birdie is my very much loved sweetheart. When I moved into my own apartment I knew it was time to get a bird. I went to the pet store and there she was looking at me and tweeting. It was like she was saying, "Take me! Take me!" We have been inseparable ever since. So far, I have taught her how to whistle. I hope she will eventually start talking too. Birdie loves to look out the window and watch the birds outside. Sometimes she tweets at them to get their attention. She also loves to chew on my hair and to hang out on top of my head. This is my first experience with birds and it has changed my whole outlook on them. Birdie is such a blessing to me because I have her to talk to and to keep me company when I feel alone and miss my family. She is my family too. I know she loves me back because I can't leave the room without her screaming for me. Birdie is a perfect bird."

Debra has 4 cockatiels, Smokey and Pretty Bird, and Maw and Paw. The one in this photo is Paw. He and his mate Maw are the older of the 4 and they are having babies. Debra said, "My birds are my life. I love them so much. Everyday they pick me up by singing to me . I could be in a bad mood or have a bad day but they change that and put me in a better mood. I hope they live for a long time. When I go to town I always get them new toy's every time. They are so much fun to have in my life and I love them so much!" CLICK HERE to see Debra's other birds.

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