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Perty, a 15 year old cockatiel,  was rescued from a bad home by Kelly. She said, "Perty is my pretty bird and my first cockatiel. I have only had him for about 5 years. My father-in-law had him and didn't take very good care of him. His cage was a mess. He had NO toys and just 1 perch. He was never let out of his cage to play. I begged and begged for him to give him to me and he finally did.  Perty has a big personality for such a little bird. It didn't take him long to warm up to me. He loves to have his head scratched and sit on top of his cage. Perty likes to play with toys. His string toy is his favorite. He will sit and pick at it for hours. He's such a clown. He has balls with bells in them wired to the top of his cage. He loves to stand on them and roll them around like he is doing the barrel roll. I can't  forget to mention his plastic jacks. He likes to see just how many times he can make Mom pick them up off the floor. He thinks that is so funny!  Perty likes to sing and can say pretty bird. He sings to me the whole time I'm cleaning his cage. He can also call the dogs. He has 3 furry friends and he will even bark at them. He doesn't like fruits or vegetables. I have tried and tried to get him to eat them. His favorite foods are Oats Groats, Millet and Sunflower seeds. He likes to sit on the screened porch and watch others bird on the feeders. He tells them they are pretty birds too and doesn't understand why they don't talk back. We are so glad he is a part of our family and love him so much!"

Tweety and Travieso belong to Berenice. Travieso means "naughty" in Spanish. Berenice said, "I love them so much! They are adorable, affectionate and cuddly. Tweety, the female is so precious. She's mommy's bird. She is so gentle, loving, and quiet. Travieso, the male, is a handful. He is so curious about everything. He has a GREAT personality and he's fun to watch and play with. Travieso loves daddy. My husband is his favorite person in the house. Travieso mimics whatever my husband says. He also likes to sing with me at home. It's quite amusing because he likes to have one leg up while he sings. Bringing Travieso home helped Tweety be more open to try new foods. She ate only seed for the first few years of her life. Travieso on the other hand, was already eating table food since baby and he showed Tweety that foods, like veggies were safe to eat. In this picture they're enjoying some corn on the cob. Aren't they cute? All of my birdies are now on a pellet based diet. It can be accomplished if we don't give up. I want to encourage other bird owners to persevere in converting their little birds to eat pellets. It's worth the effort".

Rosie is owned by Melissa. She was bought with money that her grandpa gave her for Christmas. Melissa said, "My little Rosie is my baby an my buddy. My daughter no longer lives at home so Rosie helps to fill my empty nest. Rosie knows when people come into my house. She's usually very protective unless it's one of my friends that she knows. It's so cute she will totally ignore me and go to them, Her best buddy is my friend's husband Jason. My favorite thing that she does is when she sings like a whippoorwill bird, I taught her that. I also love it  when she gets on the floor and acts like she owns the place. When I am at my computer she tries so hard to get my attention and type herself. I have toys on the desk for her in case she gets bored. The best part of the day is when I get home from work. Rosie whistles very low and always greets me with "Hello pretty bird were you a good baby." 

This little bird's name is Jaws. He belongs to Rickey, who said, "I have had Jaws for about 4 months now. I handfed since he was a baby. I work on a bird farm where there are about 2000 birds, including 500 cockatiels. Jaws, who is my baby, is by far the most lovable bird. My whole family enjoys playing with him. I think that has to do with how loving and gentle he is. Jaws is also very entertaining to watch when he plays with his toys. He is very active. I can watch him all playing with his toys all day. He has so many to choose from. Jaws is a very smart cockatiel. He already knows how to do quite a few whistles that we taught him. Every night when we bring in our dog we  whistle for the dog to come in. It  did not take long for him to learn that one at all. Jaws can also do the wolf whistle perfectly and he can almost say Pretty Bird! . I love him!"


These 4 beautiful birds belong to Robert. Their names are Christmas, Pretty Bird, Walter and Wanda. Robert said, "Walter (1 yr old) is the big-guy. We haven't had him all that long but he was our first cockatiel. He is a real "clown". In the morning before he is taken out of his cage he clucks like a chicken!. It's very comical! Pretty bird and Christmas were brought to us by our son-in-law. Pretty Bird is 7 years old and she's the Matriarch of the bunch. She isn't the most friendly but she is a lot of fun and the "egg layer" of the group, Christmas was raised with Pretty bird. She is 3 years old. She injured her wing in transit to our home so we have been keeping her separate from Pretty-bird. Christmasis in a weakened state and we can tell she is uncomfortable. Last but not least is "Wanda", my favorite of the bunch. She seems to love me more than she does my wife. Wanda is about a year old. She was penned with 4 other birds in a cage  the size that we would only put 1 bird in. I told the owner that since we have such a large cage 5'x4'x2' that she would be happier with us. I brought her home but we noticed a breathing problem and sneezing during her quarantine. After a trip to the vet and a few dollars, she was placed on antibiotics for 10 days. She will be quarantined for another 30 days. Wanda is quite lovely and very affectionate."

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