Beautiful Birds August 2002 
This is no longer a contest. All photos and stories will be displayed!

The Bird of the Month for August is Uno !As you can see, Uno is a baby cockatiel. Congratulations Uno and congratulations to all of the other beautiful birds featured on this page for being so loved!Click on Uno's picture to read his interview.

This beautiful bird's name is Johnny. His feathers are gorgeous and it looks like he takes good care of them! Johnny is an older bird. Beth is his lady person. Beth said that "He is the sweetest thing. His favorite pass times are sitting on my shoulder while I clean.  Maybe he thinks he is my supervisor or something.  He loves to sit with me and watch TV and loves getting his head scratched.  He is by far the best pet I have ever owned."

This stunning display of feathers is being performed by Millie! Look at the wingspan of this beautiful bird! Millie belongs to Lux and from the picture, it looks like Millie likes too perch on something soft, like the towel which is draped over Lux's hand. From the title of the picture it is quite obvious how much Millie is loved.

Meet Sam. Isn't he a handsome fellow? Sam is a 5 year old pearl pied and is cherished by his mommy, Mackenzie. Sam can talk and say, "Pretty bird, I love you, What do you say bird, and Tweet." He can also sing "The Mexican hat dance and The Andy Griffin Song", and he can broak like a chicken, and purr like a cat.Sam enjoys playing hide and seek behind pillows and he has recently learned how to play tag with Mackenzie. He's definitely a smart bird!

Meet Rudy and Rosie. These beautiful birds are loved by Lori, the same Lori who is Uno's mommy, this month's Bird of the Month winner. She shares her home and life with a flock of birds and has recently started breeding cockatiels. It takes much dedication and love to do this and I congratulate Lori on being such a special person.

This little angel's name is Jelly Bean. What a sweet name for such a sweet little bird! Jelly Bean is loved by Karly. Would you like your cockatiel or other pet bird to be seen by the world? Then email me a picture of your angel in disguise and tell me a little bit about your bird. He/she may be the one that is featured next month with an exclusive "All About Me" page. All pictures will be displayed, but only one little feather puff will have the spotlight and be given an exclusive interview with Mama Bird.

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