Our Awards 2

Look what I found in my email this morning? This beautiful
award comes all the way from Brazil. Thank you so much Wanda.
This award is truly an honor, coming from you.

This beautiful award is in memory of all of the cherished
pets that have been lost. Thank you Jewels for this beautiful award.

Amy, this is such a beautiful award!Thank you so much.
Thank you too Maya! I'm so glad you liked my site.

Thank you Bonnie for this delightful award.
Im so happy Twinkie and Yodels enjoyed this site!

This beautiful snowglobe was given to me by Fresia, one of the
Petsburgh Butterflies! Thank you so much for this surprise!

Thank you Lisa for the beautiful award.
I hope that someday all of the critters on
earth will be cherished.

Thank you Judy for your beautiful award.
Coming from a breeder makes this very special.

What a beautiful cockatiel award! This one flew
over from Jewel's Place. Thank you so much!

This wonderful award came from a Web Design Studio.
Thank you very,very much Ted and Nu Horizons.

Thank you Gem for this special award.I am delighted that
you also enjoy country graphics and sites about birds!

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