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5 Awards to Choose From--for websites about birds, cats, dogs and non-pet sites as well,
PLUS a brand NEW 6th award for bird photographs. Read below for details on how to win.
You don't even need a website to win the 6th award, just a bird and a camera!

Awards 1 and 2

Awards 3 and 4

Award 5 and 6

I have found so many beautiful Web Sites, created with so much love. I have 5 different awards to present to those special individuals who put their heart and soul into creating a well designed and meaningful site about a pet or something that is important and dear to their hearts. Now there is a 6th award that you can win by sending us a photograph of your bird for us to use on Cockatiel Cottage website.  You don't need a website to win Award 6,  just a bird and a camera!

Click Here to read more about Award 6
Beautiful Bird Award

The Requirements

  1. Please sign my guestbook so I know you were here.

  2. Family friendly sites only, no porn, hatred, violence, obscenities or offensive material.

  3. Your site must be complete (no under construction signs), be well designed, have content and not be just all links or all photographs.

  4. Your site should be pleasant to look at and easy to navigate with no broken links.

  5. You must give credit for all graphics on each and every page that they are used on.

  6. Please fill out the form below to apply for awards 1-5. Email me a picture of your bird for The Beautiful Bird Award.

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The pretty country awards were made for me by
Comet Creations.  Thank You Jaime!

Cherished Bird,Cat and Dog Awards were made by me,
using PSP and picture tubes provided by
various PSP tube sites.

Form provided by Bravenet