Losing a cherished pet is always heartbreaking. The pain from our sorrow can seem unbearable. Cockatiel Cottage would like to dedicate these memorial pages to all of the beautiful, loved babies who have left us and have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Although they are no longer with us, they will always be in our hearts. To add your bird to the Rainbow Bridge, please email us a photo with your name and the name of your bird. If you don't have a photo, we will use a little cockatiel graphic instead for your memorial.

Loved by Eleanor

Loved by Lyra

Loved by Lari

Miss Poe
Loved by Lari

Loved by Lari

Loved by Angie

Loved by Elaine

Loved by Eleanor

Loved by Dawn C.

Fudge, Kiwi & Gabbie
Loved by Sarah

Loved by Sarah

Loved by Sarah


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