Birds of the Month, December 2005

Buddy is Cindy's a 2 1/2 year old cockatiel. Cindy got him through her avian vet, after her sweet bird Charley, who was only a few months old, had to be put to sleep. Cindy said, "Charley was sick when we got him. The people at the store did not tell us the truth. They told us that he was shaking his head when we talked to him because he liked the sound. The vet said it was a sinus infection. The pet shop also told us that the weird noise Charley was making was a normal, baby bird sound. Well that turned out to be a respiratory infection. Poor little Charley  also had  a worm inside of  him that was eating everything in him. He was on so many medications and he needed nourishment. My avian vet  showed me how to tube feed  Charley. It scared the life out of me but I had to do it. Charley didn't make it and he had to be put to sleep. A short time afterwards, my avian vet called me and said he had a cockatiel that I might want to adopt. When we went to get him, his previous owners told me that he didn't like anything but seeds!!!  I knew I had to change that and to my surprise Buddy loves his veggies and nutri-berries and especially veggies!! Buddy is very playful and talkative. He  definitely puts a smile on my face everyday! Every morning Buddy says "Hi whatcha doin" to me when I uncover him. He also tells me I'm a pretty bird when brushing my teeth. Buddy loves scritches and just being cuddled. He definitely loves being out of his cage all day, something he never experienced until he moved in with me!! Buddy seems to like the ladies only. He never wants to be bothered with Walter my fiancÚ, that is unless he has food....My little guy is definitely a pleasure to have and I am so glad I had the opportunity to rescue him from a home that no longer wanted him, He will always be wanted and welcome at my home.  For more on Buddy, visit CC Message Board CLICK HERE and read Cindy's posts.

This is Puddin, Lari's  five year old female Lutino. Puddin was given to her by a good friend. Lari said, "I had no idea what fun I was in for! Puddin didn't seem to like people and boy was I wrong. She has brought so much joy into my life. Puddin loves to play King of the Mountain. When I take several of my Tiels out at one time to play with she heads straight for the top of my head and will challenge any bird that tries to climb up and perch with her.  Puddin always wins. Sometimes if she gets tired of being up top she decides to slide down my forehead and perch on my nose. Of course I always have to move her just in case of you know what. Another one of her favorite things is to take a shower with me. She can do the shower dance like no other. Sometimes she isn't ready to get out when I am done. She insists on sitting in the shower, water off, alone. I take my time drying and getting dressed in hopes she'll be ready to come out, but noooo.  I have to stay in the bathroom with her until she say's "".That means come get me. Everything is on her terms in this relationship. I love her dearly and don't know how I survived without her in my life." For more on Puddin visit Cockatiel Cottage Message Board CLICK HERE and read Lari's posts.

Puff Daddy is a victim of Hurricane Katrina and he was rescued by Linda Lou. His former owner refused to evacuate without him and carried Puff Daddy around in a pillowcase until he was placed with Linda. When the man relocated, he told Linda she could keep him because he was so happy in his foster home. Linda said, "Puffy was happy, singing and talking when I got him. He wolf-whistled and said "Pretty girl" when I  put him in my car! He talks very well and he can say whole sentences. One time, my daughter was on the phone with her boyfriend and Puff Daddy walked  up her arm saying "Time to go!" He also says "Oh no, not again!" and "I want to wake up" when I cover his cage at night. Puffy mutters other stuff but we haven't figured out what it means yet.  Puffy gets along with everyone, but he thinks my 17-year-old daughter is his mate. He does his mating dance every time he sees her. He's a very gentle bird. I even trust him with my 6 month old grandson. Puffy sits on Cayden's leg and watches him sleep.  Puffy loves scritches. He  will bend his head down and then he will walk up your arm to get to the back of your neck and return the favor. He loves pellets, but not the banana shaped ones! He shares his food with me, throwing me pieces if I'm sitting nearby.  Puffy is a joy to have and I'm so glad I had the chance to make his life better!" For more on Puff Daddy, visit our Message Board CLICK HERE and read Linda Lou's posts.

Penelope belongs to Tracie. When her older cockatiel passed away, she didn't think she could stand to have another pet, let alone a bird.  Tracie had this to say. "Whenever I saw a bird it reminded me that I would never see my little baby again. I soon  realized that the only thing that would come close to filling the hole in my heart was another cockatiel. Thus I began the search for a new bird. The first store we visited had a clutch of normal grays that hatched on April 4th, 2006. One of them would have nothing to do with us. Another was sweet but extremely hesitant and then there was Penelope. It seemed like she was more curious than scared. It was as if she was understandably wondering who these humans were. A week later, we brought her home. I was terrified that I wouldn't love her as much as my old bird. Luckily, Penny's take-no-prisoners attitude didn't allow for such wishy-washiness on my part. She is a sassy girl and she has charmed everyone around her. I worship the ground on which she walks, even with the numerous poops on its surface.  She lets my fiancÚ give her more scritches than she lets me, but we're working on it. Every time she puts her head down for me and lets out a soft little 'fweet', the cockatiel-shaped hole in my heart gets a little bit smaller. I still can't quite fathom that she was an just an egg a few short months ago but I'm so grateful she hatched." For more on Penny, visit our Message Board CLICK HERE and read Tracies's posts.

This precious 2 year old cockatiel's name is  Pogo. His owner Denny would like Pogo to tell his own story. Pogo said, " I was born with birth defects due to something humans did that was wrong and I would like to tell you about it so others know it's wrong . See my old owners mated a sister and brother and I was born. When you mate family members like that you end up with birds that have birth defects of some kind. My disabilities are not as funny as my old owners saw thought. Like my name, one of my defects is that my body is to short. When I fly and try to land,  I land on my tail and bounce! My previous owners thought it was funny so they named me after a pogo stick! My right foot is turned the wrong way and I also walk with a wobble. Now I live with a family that doesn't find it funny. They love me for me. I have a great home and get to come out and play. Most of all I just like to whistle and walk around the bird room floor and maybe fly a little. With my foot turned I'm not able to really climb good but my new human dad has been working with me.  I can now almost make it to the top of the 4 foot play tree he made for us. Someday I will make it to the top! So please don't do what my old owners did. It's not funny to see birds with problems. I know I'm lucky now that I have a family that loves me and a family that has given me a FOREVER home with 40 other birds besides me. "

Emmett is Nicole's baby. She said, "He is now about 10 months old. In the short time he's been with me, we've become best buddies. He's in the process of switching to a pellet diet and his favorite treats are millet spray, popcorn, and sunflower seeds. The only vegetable I can get him to eat is romaine lettuce and he only likes that when it's handfed to him. Emmett's favorite toy is his jungle animal mobile. It  has a tiny elephant, tiger, lion and giraffe on it. He had one just like it in his cage when he was at the pet shop and he never seems to get tired of chewing on the animals and making the bell tinkle. Emmett's favorite things to do are getting his head scratched, listening to music and playing with my glasses and clothes. I have a shirt with buttons on the shoulder and Emmett seems to think they were put there for the sole purpose of amusing him. He doesn't really talk or sing yet, but he makes noises like he's trying to. Emmett is not a big fan of baths, but he will tolerate me misting him with a bottle. He's such a sweet bird and I'm very lucky to have him. Hopefully, by me learning more about cockatiels and birds, Emmett  will continue to be a happy, healthy and well-behaved bird for many years to come."

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