My Country Farm

Since I can't live on a country farm with animals, the animals have come to live with me instead.  They help me plant my garden, pick weeds and gather beautiful bouquets of flowers. I have lots of chickens and cows because my cyber children need their protein  and calcium. There is one problem though.  My cyber farm animals have a strange fascination with unripe, green tomatoes.  After yanking them off of the vines, they participate in lively tomato throwing contests to see who can throw the farthest. I have had 2 broken windows during the past month.

         Dorothy and Sofia         

These lovely ladies  came to live with me because they were abused and battered hens.  The chicken coop that they resided in was dark, cold, wet and moldy. Instead of being fed nourishing chicken feed, they were being given 2 week old table scraps.  The newly hatched chicks had no food and were malnourished. Their previous owner screamed at them abusively  and often hit them on the beak . He never cleaned their old nests so they were forced to sleep on contaminated bedding.  It's no wonder humans and cockatiels can get salmonella poisoning from uncooked egg yolks. Now they are loved and well taken care of.

Milkshake and Chocolate Milk     


My beautiful cows were adopted because they were being physically abused by an over zealous and greedy owner. They were being pumped with steroids in an attempt to "fatten them up" for the slaughterhouse. Their days are now spent grazing peacefully in their cyber pasture. Here they can find warm sunshine, sweet, smelling clover and plenty of fresh, clean water to drink. The pasture is kept clean so they don't have to keep swatting flies off of their bodies with their tails. I am rewarded with rich cream from which I can make butter, ice-cream and yogurt.

Daisy and Truffles

These babies were just born a few days ago. I adopted them because their owner didn't know how to take care of them. Raising and caring for baby animals takes knowledge and experience. Their owner didn't recognize the signs of illness and wouldn't call a veterinarian to make sure that they were healthy. After being given the proper medical treatment, Daisy and Truffles are thriving. All animals need medical attention, even cyber animals.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Our baby bee and ladybug came to the farm because all o their friends were disappearing. Too many people were spraying pesticides in their gardens while they were working. Cinnamon was just trying to pollinate the flowers. Nutmeg was busy eating aphids and other insects that chew up flower petals and vegetable leaves. They thought that they were helping take care of gardens.They are very happy now and spend their time taking care of my flowers and vegetable plants.


Isn't this one precious little lamb? Blaaabby came to me because her farm was sold to industrial developers. So much of our land is being gobbled up by industry that disregards safe environmental practices.The earth is slowly becoming a wasteland of cement, steel and toxic waste. When will it stop?


This baby pig is our farm mascot. Jay is particularly fond of birds and is often found basking in the sun with a bird perched upon his head. He can talk to his birds for hours. Perhaps that is why they love him so much and are so gentle and tame when with him. Jay always treats his birds humanely and with loving kindness.

                Apple Cheeks

Here is the lucky child that lives on the farm. Apple Cheeks plays with the animals everyday. She also helps  feed the chickens and gathers their eggs. This sweet little dumpling  has never broken an egg yet. Together we make waffles and pancakes for a country breakfast which is her favorite meal of the day.


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