Beautiful Birds,February 2003

This is Tommy, Charlotte's sweet budgie who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Charlotte said:"We miss him so much. We got him when he  was a baby. He was very tame and could talk. He said:"Hello Tommy, Shut that door!,In your face missus.Cup of tea mummy? Give mummy a kiss. What you doing? You messy bird." He also whistled many tunes. When we ran the faucet, Tommy  loved to roll in the water, especially if you put down lettuce leaves for him. He always tried to drink out of your cup but would get stuck upside down from trying to reach too far in! He also liked to drop coins off the table, turning his head to listen to the sound they make. If you tried to touch his toys, he would run and chase you away. Dad was his favorite person. He would try to land on dad's head, but couldn't get a grip because dad is bald! Once Tommy escaped and was in a tree.  When he saw dad, he flew right down to his hand."

Brockley, NaDeana's 4 year old Pacific Parrotlet, was adopted from a shelter in November. "Brockley is only 4cm tall and weighs a mere 30g. His tiny beak can punch a pretty serious hole in your hand if you are not careful! Unfortunately he plucks out his feathers. It has worsened since I got him. I thought this might happen since he was going into yet another home.  HE is the most energetic little thing! I have been treating him with chamomile tea. To keep him busy, I  add lots of paper towels to the bottom of his cage so that he can  hide and play. Tonight I got a huge plastic cup, put food in it and then stuffed it full with paper towel to give him something to do besides pluck. Brockley has been a treat to own.  I love him despite the biting and the squawking. He is here to stay."

Clyde is Robyn's cherished cockatiel. On the second day of her new job, a co-worker found him clinging to a car outside of the office. Robyn went outside, put him on her finger and he's been with her ever since. Robyn said " I grew up with a parakeet so I was familiar with birds and welcomed one into my life. My new bird has a history I will never know about. I often wonder where he came from, how he got out and how he was treated before he was found. Clyde is now a member of my family. He likes to talk and whistle and he is very friendly. He is entertaining and makes me laugh. When he closes his eyes and rests on my shoulder, I feel incredibly lucky that this sweet bird came into my life."

This is Sparky and she's all ready for some loving. See how she is bending her head down for some scritches? Sparky is a single female who has started laying eggs. Carol, her mommy, has cut down the amount of time she is exposed to daylight. This will help prevent her from laying more eggs in the future. Carol said,"Sparky is 8 months old. As you can see she's a bit of a cheeky girl. Her playmate is our little blue budgie, named Buddy. He talks and can say about 20 or so words. The two birds have there own cages and gym set. They get along great together outside of the cage."

Scruffy is Tammy's 5 month old cockatiel. She said :"The reason we named him Scruffy is because he swings around and breaks his tail feathers all of the time! Scruff is a pearl cockatiel so he is still too young for us to tell if he is a boy or girl bird just yet. He loves eating his vegetables and fruit for dinner off a saucer. He's very spoiled. You have to hold the plate for him or he won't eat. He loves to snuggle on your chest at night time, just before bed and he loves being stroked. Most of all he loves his wooden play station equipped with swing, ladder and mirror. He loves looking at himself! I love Scruffy so much.He is always happy and cheers me up when I'm sad. All I have to do is look at his inquisitive face."

This cutie's name is Dave and he is a 7 year old Lutino. Charlotte and her family take care of Dave when his mum goes on a holiday. Charlotte said" Dave is a very shy bird and does not like it when he sees fingers or hands. This makes him hiss. He is afraid and will only come out of the cage if you hold him with a tea towel. He will sit on your hand once he is out and he enjoys a good flap around. Dave cannot talk. He only whistles and squawks. He loves to ring his bell and he loves to be sprayed with water! When he is sprayed he turns upside down with his wings stretched out and his feathers puffed up! This is very sweet. Having Dave stay with us has been so much fun!"

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