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Wishbone was Ruth's beloved cinnamon pearl cockatiel. Wishbone was only about 3 years old when she was taken from this life, leaving behind Chippy, her companion and playmate. Ruth said, "We all miss her very much because we loved her dearly. She was a wonderful bird from the start. We've had her since she was just seven weeks old. She was a hand fed baby and very tame. One day after playing, I picked her up, petted her back and put her in the cage. She hopped from the perch I put her on to another perch. She started closing her eyes, wavered on the perch and made a little sound. I quickly caught her before she fell backwards. She just went limp in my hands and stopped breathing.  I tried to revive her and held her for the longest time. I couldn't believe she was gone. It was so sad for us. I thought she was healthy and don't know why she died. Chippy still misses her as so do we. We'll always remember her sweet and gentle ways. She brought many hours of pleasure into our lives and will live on in our hearts and memories forever. We hope to see you again someday Wishbone."

Chippy is Ruth's 2 year old cockatiel. Ruth said, "He had shared a cage with his older sister Wishbone, (above). Now he has the cage to himself. He's not the same anymore since she left us. I try to keep him busy by giving him lots of love and attention so I think he will be OK.  Chippy can wolf whistle, and say, " Hello", "Pretty bird", "I love you", "Chippy whistle," then he whistles. He can also say, " Chippy jump", then he jumps from the top of his cage into my cupped hands. He learned to say "Chippy bad boy" because I would say this when he nipped at my hand if he didn't want to go back into his cage. Chippy does the birdie dance to the Andy Griffith theme song, which I play everyday for him. He looks so cute when he bobs his head up and down to the music. We love and enjoy him immensely and hope he's with us for a long time."

These are Bridget's 3 cockatiels, Phoenix, Apollo and Karsh. Phoenix is, a beautiful lutino pied and  is 4 months old. Bridget said, Phoenix  was not handfed but is very tame. Phoenix shares a cage with our 2 adopted, handicapped cockatiels, Karsh and Apollo. Karsh was injured in the nest along with his two clutchmates, Apollo and Chirp. The babies were mutilated in the nest by their mother. The mother was found to have a tumor. This is what we believe caused her destructive behavior. The 3 chicks were given to me by a breeder, who doesn't have time for non-productive, handicapped or special needs birds. I can understand this but these birds do make excellent pets and deserve to be loved too. Apollo with almost no toes and only stubs for wings can perch. Both birds have excellent characters and love to cuddle! Karsh can talk also. Chirp has a new home and is living with a disabled lady who truly cherishes him. I feel that handicapped birds need love too. I will always have a place in my heart and home for these special babies."

Sunny and Cher are Carole's little angels. They were badly neglected and came to her from abusive homes. Carole is their 3rd owner. They were disgustingly traded by their 1st owner to the 2nd owner as payment for a house painting job. The 2nd owners got a puppy and didn't have time for the birds. Carole said, "The delivered them to me in a tiny cage and there was no water or food in the cage. The bird's had lost many feathers and the only toy they had was a compact mirror hanging by a paperclip. It broke my heart when I saw this. The couple didn't understand why they didn't breed for them. At first the birds they were terrified of people and the slightest movement. Now they are very accepting of us. We put them in a new cage with plenty of toys and started them on a healthy diet. We kept them in our room for the first few days. Then we moved them in to main living area. They soon became very vocal and social. The children and I talk to them all the time and they are very accepting of us. They are much happier now. The fact that they decided to breed and we now have new chicks are proof of it! Sonny and Cher are amazing parents and their story is so incredible!"

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