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Do You Cherish Your Cockatiel?

This is an open book test. Links to articles with answers are in a different color. Answer yes or no for each question and give yourself 1 POINT FOR EACH NO
1. Do you take your cockatiel out of the cage daily for special time with you?
2. Do you talk to your cockatiel whenever you are near the cage?
3. Do you address your bird by his/her name or an affectionate nick-name?
4. Are you making an attempt to teach your male cockatiel how to sing or talk?
5. When your cockatiel greets you with body language, chirps, songs or by talking do you respond?
6. Are your bird's feet nice and warm, a sign of a healthy, happy bird?
7. Does your cockatiel proudly display his/her wings for you?
8. Is your bird active instead of sitting quietly in the cage all day?
9. Does your bird preen and do the happy birdie jig by shaking the tail?
10. Is your bird tame, not flying away every time you take him out of the cage?
11. Do you know what causes bacterial infections in pet birds?
12. Do you know how to prevent females from laying eggs?
13. Are you making sure your bird gets a full 10-12 hours of sleep each night?
14. Does your bird show contentment by making a grinding sound with her beak before sleeping?
15. Does your bird sleep peacefully, on one foot with her head tucked under a wing?
16. Are you smart enough NOT to sleep and naps with your bird?
17. Do you have the name, address and phone number of your avian veterinarian ?
18. Do you know the symptoms of illness  and egg binding?
19. Do you  know what a blood feather is and what to do if one breaks?
20. Do you know what normal and abnormal droppings look like?
21. Are there non-stick pots, pans, appliances or products in your home?
22. Is your cockatiel's cage clean, without droppings all over perches and food dishes?
23. Do you change cage food, water and cage papers everyday?
24. Do you check the cage and toys often, for signs of wear and dangers?
25. Is the water dish clean, with fresh clear water? Go ahead, check it now.
26. Do you give your bird fresh vegetables everyday or will you start doing so?
27. Do you give your bird a  bath a few times each week or will you start doing so?
28. Is your bird's cage disinfected as recommended on a regular basis?
29. Do you check your cockatiel's food dish every morning and evening?
30. Will you put your bird on a pellet based balanced diet as recommended by veterinarians?
31. Are you smart enough NOT to feed your bird from your mouth or will you stop doing it?
32. Have you baked any bird bread lately or will you?
33. If your bird is a biter, are you going to try methods to change behaviors?
34. Do you cherish and love your cockatiel like a family member?

Scores: Count each NO answer for 1 point to find out how much you love your cockatiel.

1-5: You really love and cherish your bird. What a lucky cockatiel!
6-9You really love your bird and are willing to learn more. What a lucky cockatiel!
10-13  You like your cockatiel, but need to provide more care and or learn more.
14-15 Your cockatiel is just a critter to you. You are not willing to improve his/her life. Shame on you.
16 or More: Your bird is being neglected. Shame on you!!

If you are feeling a bit guilty, for every no answer that you promise your bird to change to a yes, you may subtract one point. If you are willing make a commitment to improve your bird's life, then you truly love and cherish your bird. Now go over to your cockatiel and say "I love you."

Thank you to all who shared photos of their birds with us!

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