Beautiful Birds July 2002 

The Bird of the Month for July is Gracie ! Congratulations Gracie and to all of the other beautiful birds on this page for being so loved! Click on Gracie's picture to read her interview.

This beautiful bird's name is Dingles. He owns Toy's heart and is loved dearly. Dingle's age is unknown. Toy took him into her heart as an older bird who needed a home.

This sweet little baby's name is Mango. Mango owns Sybel's heart. She has only had him 2 weeks and look how tame he is already. Congrats Sybil on doing such a splendid job taming her.

Meet Psycho. Isn't he a handsome fellow? He is cherished by his owner. I can't remember the name of his human, and I apologize. Please send me your name so I can add it to his beautiful picture!

Birds of the Month is no longer a contest. Would you like your cockatiel or other pet bird to be seen by the world? Then email me a picture of your little angel and he/she will be featured in Birds of the Month. All pictures will be displayed in the coming months.

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Bird of the Month

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