Beautiful Birds, July 2003

Willow is Grace's dear little bird. He is 6 months old and quite a little chatter box!  He can say his name and bye,bye Grace said, "I adopted Willow from a local pet shop a few months ago. I will never forget the first time I saw him. Willow picked me as his mamma. I was looking at 3 other cockatiels and Willow climbed right up onto my arm and shoulder. He refused to get off! He is a little clown always getting into something or making me laugh. He really enjoys head rubs. Willow is a very special little guy with a sweet personality and a big heart."

This is Walter. He was given to Robert by a fellow associate. At first, Walter was a mean bird that was a biter. Now Robert has him eating spray millet from his hand and responding enthusiastically when he calls his name. Robert learned later on that the breeder was having problems with this bird. That's why he was given away.Robert  said,"This is my first cockatiel I took the time to tame him, but am still working on his behavior. My next goal is to get him to let me hold him. I also plan on buying him a playstation. I really love this little bird and will do anything to make him happy."

Tiny the "tiny dancer" is Marion's peach faced lovebird. Marion said," Tina was a Mother's day  gift,2 years ago, from my six year old son. She became a one person "Mother's" bird and is one of the cutest clowns we have ever seen.  She loves to play basketball with small plastic balls. She drops them into everything and even throws them in an attempt to slam dunk.Tina also loves to exercise on her hamster wheel. A true athlete, her normal routine is to warm up with a few laps before indulging in a vigorous boxing match with her bell. She can give any hamster a run for his money.After a hard day at the gym, she showers in the sink, eats a hearty meal (only if we are eating too) and falls fast asleep after thanking me with a stifled burp. My son, who calls Tina his sister, ,wonders how she can defy gravity by sleeping on one foot. We truly love and  enjoy this little bundle of energy, even though we hope that one day she will stop nipping!"

Soji and Moji are the 2 little rascals that are loved by Nicole. She said, "Moji was my first bird. My husband surprised me with him on my birthday. Moji came from a pet store where I don't think he was treated properly. He wouldn't go to anyone and still hisses when people want to hold him. He is getting much love here and is starting to come around. It must be all those toys or all the treats he gets everyday! Soji, the gray one, she was my second cockatiel and she is my loveable one. She likes to cuddle a lot. She also thinks she owns the place! If I leave the room she usually lets me know! When she has had enough of her cage and wants out, she surely lets me know very loudly!  When I let her out she hops on to her favorite place, my shoulder.  I am so glad these birds came into my life. They are my companions. They entertain me and love me everyday."

Nina is Kelsey's little angel and she is only 6 months old. Kelsey had this to say about her best friend, " I love her lots, and she loves me, but she likes my Mom the best. She can say her name Nina, whistle the song Whistle While You Work, from Snow White, and do the wolf whistle. She likes to talk to her foot, and it looks likes she's singing into a microphone when she does. It's very funny. She likes to take baths with my Mom too. Nina loves millet seeds and Cheerios. My Dad says she is like a dog, because she always wants to eat dinner with us. My Grampa tried to teach her to say a bad word but my Mom said no way hose eh! She said she was going to wash grandpa's mouth out with soap. She's smart because it's not funny teaching birds bad words."

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