Birds of the Month, July 2004
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Jenni, who lives in England, sent us this picture of her 21 year old cockatiel Cheeky. Jenni said, "Cheeky Fellow has given us a lot of joy over the years. As you can see he is a gray with beautiful orange cheeks. Cheeky likes nothing more than to be tickled behind his neck and he will happily sit there all day if you let him! He doesn't do a lot of flying now so his favorite mode of transportation is my shoulder. Cheeky is quite vocal and if he thinks he's being ignored he will wolf whistle to get attention. He is a very healthy bird and apart from a few broken feathers over the years he has never been sick. His favorite toy is my jewelry, a big no no!  His favorite food apart from lettuce is anything you are eating at the time. You name it and at some point he's eaten it. He loves toast but only if it's buttered, a few crisps  and biscuits which he will pinch before they get to your mouth. When he was younger his favorite game was too put his face behind my glasses and get a different view on the world, but now he's all grown up and his head doesn't fit."

  Nibbler is truly loved by Melissa and Damien who are newlyweds, living in Australia. Nibs is just 6 months old and he was actually present at the couple's wedding reception! He had his own special table. Melissa said, "We are new to cockatiels but we are learning. Nibs is our baby and we love him dearly. He's such a sweetie! He loves chatting, singing and dancing for us and he smothers us with birdy kisses. His favorite trick is picking up small coins, tapping them over and over on the table then throwing them off the edge. He hasn't begun to talk yet, but we are trying to teach him. He's a quick learner so I can imagine he'll start soon enough. We are having problems with him and mirrors at the moment but are working hard to combat this."

This adorable little bird's name is Henry and he belongs to Marsha. She said, " I don't think I found Henry as much as Henry found me. I always wanted a bird but I wasn't looking for one the day Henry came into my life. I had some extra time so I stopped into this little pet shop and there was Henry. He came home with me that night. His favorite foods are broccoli, cheerios and pasta. We are try to expand his taste but he like to take it slow. When I found him he was only eating seeds.  So I am slowly getting him on pellets. He likes to eat  cheerios and he goes to the end of the table and drop them so my dog "Baron" can snack with him. His favorite toys are swizzle sticks that he likes to drop on the floor so mom can pick them up. Then he starts the game over again. When I first got him he would stretch his wings and I would say "You are an eagle" Now every time I say you are an eagle he spreads his wings. Henry is my little eagle. Before he goes to bed he cuddles with me then when he gets sleepy mom puts him to bed. I hope I didn't go over board but it's  easy for me when I talk about Henry!"

Jen said, "Katie our normal grey is 2 years old and Chiketa, our Lutino is just 1. My husband and I went to the pet store to buy a parakeet. The parakeets and the cockatiels were playing together. Katie crawled right up Steve's arm and starting grooming his beard. That was it, we couldn't leave without her. We both work full time so decided that Katie needed a sister. In August we adopted Chiketa. Katie recently got sick. She wasn't eating at all and was very sleepy. She had to go to the vet and  spent 4 days in an incubator, being tube fed. She cannot digest seeds, so she eats scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and pellets. We are working on the veggies. Katie can whistle the Andy Griffith theme song, Pop Goes the Weasel, Charge and imitate a phone ringing. She loves to cuddle on my chest, give kisses, sunbathe, take a shower and walk around on the floor exploring.  Chiketa has a high liver count so she gets very itchy. She eats the same foods as Katie. Chiketa does not know how to sing. She just says "Weet Weet". She loves to play follow the leader with Katie on the floor. Cheketa is not much for cuddling and would rather sit at our feet. She loves to bite everything, especially me so we  bought her a  bunch of shredding toys to chew on. The girls have separate cages side by side but they are only separated at night. They share each other's cages all day long. They love each other very much. When they take a nap, they look like they are on a bobsled team. Katie in front and Chiketa right behind her. Our girls our very special to us. We love to spoil them rotten and can't imagine life without them."

Sunny and Sweet Pea belong to Sally. She said, "I got my two bird's when they were about 3 to 4 weeks old. A breeder had heard about me and he had two cocktails that the mom kicked out of the nest because she had laid more eggs. He asked me if I would take care of them.  We  just finished building an aviary in our back yard and I was going to buy more cockatiels anyway.  I already had one pair and wanted anther pair so it worked out well. Sweetpea ended up being the male and Sunny ended up being the female, so I got there names mixed. It's hard to tell when they're young. Sweetpea was 6 months old when I took these pictures, As you can tell he hunts me down until he find's me. It doesn't matter what room of the house I'm in he will find me.  Well, Sunny and Sweetpea are in the aviary and they just love it out there. The 2 birds are going to become new parents soon. Sunny has laid two eggs, I can't wait! Sweetpea will still come into the house with me so we have our play time. He is my best friend !"

This adorable baby's name is Mia. Her breeder Amanda sent us this photo. It looks like Mia is snuggling up to Mac the Cardinal, a Beanie Baby. Mia is just 25 days old. Amanda said, "Mia is a lutino and she is as sweet as pie. She has been handraised from day one and is the the sole survivor of 4 eggs that were laid from the perch. As a fairly new cockatiel breeder this has been a great learning experience for me.  Mia is one of the ten cockatiels that I own. She will be a wonderful addition to our flock!"

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