Beautiful Birds, June 2003

Sabrina sent us the beautiful picture of her first baby cockatiel. She calls it "Our Little Miracle." The first clutch of babies that Sabrina was breeding didn't make it so the hatching and healthy growth of Tweety is one of her greatest joys. Sabrina said, "This year when the parents started breeding again I was determined to make sure that I didn't make any mistakes. I went searching for help and information ahead of time to be prepared for the unexpected. With the exception of taking Tweety out to take this picture, I left her in the breeder box until she was old enough to come out on her own. I also let the parents feed Tweety and didn't handfeed her. My daughter named this bird Tweety but I still refer to her as our Miracle Bird. Tweety is almost as big as the parents now and is fully weaned!"

This is Charlie and he is 6 years old.  Erica said," Charlie loves acting like a chicken (buck buck buckaaaa), throwing paper around and imitating the telephone and answering machine. He also enjoys going into the shower and then being blow dried afterwards. Charlie is a very affectionate bird and is a very special part of our lives. One day Charlie escaped through our open balcony doors. We were devastated. and looked for him all day. Eight hours later, still no sign and it was starting to get dark out. So we we continued our search with flashlights until 4 AM. With chalk, we wrote in big letters "If you find a cockatiel please contact us". We also distributed notes in other apartment buildings. Around 6:00 AM we received a phone call from a man saying "I think I found your bird." Charlie flew onto his balcony which was on the fifth floor, only one apartment building next to ours. We are so happy and grateful that we have him back with us and will be more careful with opening the balcony doors."

This precious little one's name is Tiffany and she is loved by Ed and Julie. They got Tiffany as a baby, from a reputable cockatiel breeder in California. They said, "We were impressed that  the breeder  had a very clean home and  lovely classical music playing in the background. The baby cockatiels were being socialized, and the dozen we looked at were adorable and very friendly. We knew immediately that the little pearly one was to be our newest family member. Tiffany's personality was sparkling! She has developed a lot more personality over the years.She also has very definite calls: "Where are you?" her very sad, plaintive call when no one's near; the "Get away from me, I'm in a MOOD" - you know how women get..... and her "I'm a sweet bird, you can keep rubbing my ears another HOUR" song.... All in all, a wonderful cockatiel, who has provided us with many years of pleasure."

Chesney is Courtney's little angel. She said," I read everything I could  find about cockatiels then saved enough money to buy one. I went from place to place trying to find the right bird. That's when I saw Ches, at Pet Smart. He was all alone in a cage with pigeons. So I picked him out and bought him. I brought him home and  he hated it here. He hated me, my room, most definitely my boyfriend, and my friends. After about four months. of commitment he finally came around. He now follows me around, squawks when I leave the room and takes showers with me. He loves for me to rub his cheeks and the back of his neck. I can squeal  Ches pretty high and in return he will squeal back really high. He still does not like my boyfriend. The other day  Ches jumped off his perch, climbed on the couch and sat right in between me and  my boyfriend . So yes he DOES get jealous, but in all I love him. He is like a little child that needs care and attention. I'm so glad I decided to get him."

This beautiful bird's name is also Charlie and he belongs to Bodielle. Charlie is a Lutino cockatiel and he is about 6 months old. He can wolf whistle and likes to dance to music. Bodielle said," Every morning he gets a bit of toast to eat.Charlie's favorite seeds are hulled oats and cockatiel mix. His favorite vegetables are beans and silver beet. When he eats silver beet he gets a green beak and it looks very funny! He also likes to try and pull my earrings out. So when I have him out I have to take them off. He enjoys sitting on the rope swing in his cage and chewing on it too. He is a very determined little bird and when he sees something he wants to chew he has to chew it! He is NOT allowed to chew on electrical cords and computer keys! I love Charlie. He is a very  cute bird with a very nice personality."

Lucie sent us this photograph of her adorable, one year old bird Lucas. Lucie said,"I brought Lucas home in August 2002 when he was 2 or 3 months young. He says Hello, and sometimes Hello Lucas! We have our way of communicating when I do my work around the house and he has to stay in his cage (2 whistles, cat's call, and hello, etc). However, he is usually with me sitting on his perch in the kitchen or he sits on my shoulder to watch TV. He likes to be pet but I can only use my mouth to do so. He becomes very aggressive if I put my hands near him. I don't use a cover on top of his cage at night and we usually get up at the same time. His wings were clipped when I bought him but they are now growing. I am not sure yet if I want his wings clipped again. His best treat is rice cakes. I attach one on top of the cage  and he vigorously tears it apart. We are very much in love with Lucas and can't imagine life without him."

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