Birds of the Month, June, 2005
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This is Angie's cockatiel, Sugar. As you can see from the photo, Sugar has plucked out all of the feathers on her neck and abdomen. Feather plucking like this is often the result of lack of attention, neglect, no toys in the cage to chew on, being left home alone while going to work or school as well as some avian diseases like Giardia. Angie said, " Someone brought this bird to our vet to be euthanized because she has plucked most of her feathers out. She is almost bald and lived at my avian vet's office for about a year. They let me adopt her. Sugar does not have mites, PBFD or any other illness that would cause feather plucking like this. The vet thinks that she was just lonely or bored. Her cage was so gross that it would have made you cry. I came home, put her in an extra clean cage that we had and she is eating well. Sugar is is such a sweetie! She LOVES  bird bread rice and beans. She's also very friendly and will  jump right on my finger then sit on my shoulder. What a little lover! It sickens me that someone didn't want her because she didn't look pretty.  I have two other female cockatiels and one male. The females are a cinnamon named Pumpkin and a pearl cockatiel named Spice. The male is a regular cockatiel that I also adopted because the owner didn't want him anymore and was going to just let him fly away. *GASP* His name is Cassie. I don't understand how people can be so cruel to birds.  I love all my babies!!!! 

Sharon owns Rosie, a pretty, normal gray cockatiel. She is another rescued bird. Sharon said, " Rosie is the first bird I've ever had but I just couldn't say no. She is 5 years old and we  rescued her from a house where she was being neglected. Her cage was never cleaned and it was filthy and she rarely got fresh food and water. Rosie was left caged in a back room where she was lucky if she even got the cover taken off of her cage. We have had her for about 4 weeks now. It was rough at first because she was so frightened ,and small.  She wanted to attack anything that got near her. With the help of your site and me being a big talker and (she loves to hear me talk) within a week she was putting her head down for me to pet her. Rosie loves to come out of her cage and sit on a window sill and sing to the birds outside.  She sings so pretty to them but won't sing when she's inside of her cage. I'm introducing Rosie to new table foods like peaches, corn, broccoli and such and she loves it. Rosie also loves to  spin on a "Sit n Spin" toy.  I read the articles on your site and have been following the advice. Now 4 weeks later, Rosie is doing GREAT!!!"

This is Baby Sierra at 17 days of age and his daddy, Prince Charming. They belong to Kat. She said, "I adopted Prince Charming and his mate, Snow White, from a family that was neglecting them. I've had them now for about a year, and they are happy and thriving. They just had their first baby, Sierra. Mom and Dad are doing a great job raising her. Prince loves to sing, and will dance on his perch anytime the music is playing. Your website has taught me many wonderful techniques, and my babies are all the better for it! Prince is a beautiful bird. He isn't very fond of fresh veggies, which I know sounds strange. He loves his seed, but his favorite treat is popcorn! He'll pick it up off the floor of the cage and toss it around before chewing it to pieces. His favorite toy is a yellow sunflower shaped mirror with a bell attached to the bottom. He'll spend hours pecking at himself in the mirror, then ringing the bell while hanging upside-down. If I have music playing in the house, he'll dance across his perch, bobbing his head and whistling.  Prince doesn't talk, at least not yet, but he expresses himself very well through his beautiful singing. I never knew a person could grow so fond of a bird, but Prince is like a child, with his own very strong personality, and now a wonderful father to his baby, Sierra. To anyone thinking of adopting or purchasing a cockatiel, you won't be sorry. They give to you as much love as they are given, and then some. They are the greatest joy in my life!"

Po was born in October of 2003 and he belongs to Alison. She said, "The first day Po was home with me, he immediately bonded to me as if he knew I was his mommy cockatiel. He caught on to the "up, up" command very quickly. Po is constantly playing "bombs away" from the kitchen table with various objects, that he can get his beak on! He loves to run around in circles on the table whistling various tunes that he made up  and talking to himself in the reflection of the glass on the table! He enjoys coming into the shower with me and flapping his wings feverishly in the warm water!  At night, he snuggles up with me in bed and I rub his little ear patches until it's "sleepy sleep time" then off to bed he goes. In the morning, he starts singing and calling for me, no need for an alarm clock! Po's favorite foods are corn and broccoli. He does NOT like any kind of fruit!  He is the best investment I've ever made and I look forward to many, more years of his company!"

These sweet babies belong to Lisa. She said, "The normal gray's name is Tinkerbell. My father found him being attacked by two crows in his front yard. He scared the crows off before they had time to do any damage to the the bird. He made a make shift cage for him and we tried to find the owner to no avail. I then purchased Tinkerbell a really nice cage and he became attached to us very quickly especially to me . Every time I leave the room, Tinkerbell will call out to me until I return. If I leave the cage door open he will come out (I had his wings clipped after we adopted him) and walk through the house looking for me. I am never far away. I just hide around the corner and watch him try and find me! Then just last week we decided we wanted to expand our family and got a second cockatiel. We did not know we were not suppose to quarantine the birds from each other for 30 days. The bird farm where we bought our new bird from didn't tell us this. It's too late now, so we are hoping for the best! My 6 year old daughter picked out a pretty pearl cockatiel, which she named Princess. We are almost certain that  Princess is a male. He is very vocal. We are totally in love with our birds and are very happy to now know the joy of being a cockatiel owner

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