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Nick, Paula and Joanna are the proud owners of Comet. Nick said, "We bought Comet from a local pet store in July 2004.  We had not owned a bird for several years and decided we wanted another cockatiel.  There were four cockatiels in the cage  but Comet was so pretty that the decision was practically made for us.  He was about five months old when we got him.  Comet really enjoys being out of his cage and loves to be cuddled.  He is getting very good at flying and will usually fly right to one of us for a nice safe landing.   Comet recently had a minor cut on his wing after he was startled in his cage.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we found out from the Vet that he had a vitamin A deficiency.  He is now on a proper diet and is very happy and healthy.  The cut on his wing is completely healed and he is back to flying with ease.  Comet really enjoys eating pears and applesand would eat Cheerios every day if we let him.  He loves to be sprayed with a misting bottle and always gives us a nice loud and cheerful greeting when we open our garage door.  Our first bird's name was Prancer, so in keeping with the reindeer theme, we decided on Comet.  He is a wonderful part of our family."

This charming bird's name is Skeeter and he belongs to Kathleen. She said, "Skeeter is a wonderful cocktail. He loves to be hugged and kissed on the head alot and he also loves to be with somebody at all times. If you say "kiss kiss"  to him he'll give you kisses. He definitely loves his cheeks to be  rubbed. When he's  in his cage, he sings  and makes sounds like the smoke detectors when the battery gets weak. Skeeter can shout out "Hello pretty bird", " I love you" and if anyone has a bird clock, he can mimic  all of the bird sounds on it. He also laughs at you when you start laughing. It's so cute! If Skeeter is in front of a big mirror he really starts to sing.  He also likes taking showers with a spray bottle, lifting up his wings so I can spray under them. He also likes bathing in the sun afterwards.  Skeeter loves to play with necklaces and if you take it away from him, he gets mad and starts screeching. His favorite toy is his ball and believe it or not, the kids talked me into getting him a finch nest and he loves it. He's in it all the time.  When you say "yupie-yupie" to Skeeter,  he bounces his head up and down saying yes. We are always talking and whistling to Skeeter. He really loves the attention.  Skeeter is a wonderful cocktail. He's a blessing and we  love him very much!"

Kati sent us this picture of her bird Rikkey. She said, "Rikkey is just the funniest little bird and  he's so much fun to be with. I got him for Christmas and he was 4 months old. He is now 10 months old and he's  such a cutie. I love him to death! He has quite a little attitude for such a small bird.  When he wants you to pet him he will come and put his head down right by you and if you are not paying attention, he will give your finger a little nibble like saying "'Hey pet me, I'm waiting".  I  taught Rikkey how to do a little dance. There is a certain song I play and he will bob his head and flap his wings! It's  hysterical! He also come and finds me when he's out of his cage. We usually leave his cage door open most of the day so he can come in and out when he pleases. I went in my room upstairs to get something one day and he flew up the steps and came waddling into my room!!! He is such a sweetie and  he has never bitten me hard. He didn't even bite when I first got him."

Meet Cheque, Bandit and Gandolf. They belong to Kris. He had this to say about his trio of birds and other pets. "Our house definitely belongs to our animals. The five humans who live here answer to an Akita named Dude, a water turtle called Jingles, a female beta fish named Princess and three cockatiels Cheque, Bandit, and Gandolf.  Cheque is the "head" female and she rules the roost. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes or what ever is on my plate. Her favorite game is tag with Dude.  Cheque is expecting her first fertilized clutch of eggs and is in "nesting mode". Bandit will steal your heart. She loves to cuddle and is currently trying to learn how to fly. Bandit suffered a broken wing when she was about a year old and had not learned how to fly until now. She gets so proud of herself when she actually catches some air that she sings a special song to congratulate herself. Gandolf is a new addition to our family. He's not sure yet what to make of us humans and he gives Cheque and Bandit strange looks when we are enjoying a snuggle moment. Gandolf is very vocal. He fills our house with beautiful songs, including "Yankee Doodle Dandy".
Sonny is Alex's 6 month old pied cockatiel. Alex said, "I got Sonny from a pet shop where there were a lot of birds. Because of this, Sonny is not accustomed to people and sometimes he  hisses if you put your hand to close to him. However, he will still take millet seeds from my hand. I am trying to tame him by holding out my hand and encouraging him to hop onto it. I'm coaxing him out with millet seeds. He doesn't really like this and if he feels insecure he nibbles my hand. He will hop on my hand briefly, just to reach the millet, but runs away after. He is getting better and stays on my hand longer each time I try. Sonny loves his cage and is very reluctant to come out of it. He's  also quick to return to his cage when he has had enough. Sonny is sneaky. Sometimes when I feed him, if I am not paying close attention, he will give me a nasty bite between the fingers! Sonny's favorite thing to do is listen to the radio. We have to leave him alone for a few hours each day and so we leave the radio on for him.  Whenever we turn it on, he does the cockatiel waltz, quickly running to the left and then to the right of his favorite perch, which is made out of a willow tree branch. Sonny can't talk yet but he can do the wolf whistle and he always make a lot of noise when he's out of the cage. My dog doesn't like Sonny. She's too inquisitive and when she sniffs the cage she gets a peck on the nose. We all adore Sonny and hope to tame  him successfully before Summer."

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