Beautiful Birds,March 2003

Thank you to all who have shared pictures and stories of their cherished birds with us. We have 3 pages of birds for you to see this month.Birds of the Month is NOT a contest. If you would like to see your little sweetheart featured here next month, please send me a photograph and a paragraph or two,telling me about your bird. You will be sent an award for participating in our monthly feature. Click below to view the award. If you missed the photographs of baby birds, or past months, click on the links below. There are over 100 adorable birds waiting to meet you.

My name is Scooby Doo, but my parents call me "Scooby". I'm about a year old. I have just learned to "Step-Up" and love to have my head rubbed. I go to bed at 10:00 PM and get up at 10:00 AM in the morning. I sleep in my parents bedroom and am very quite. My Mommy says that I'm a very good boy. I love mashed potatoes, corn flakes and millet. My Mommy & I whistle together everyday. She tells me that I wear her out whistling so much, but she loves it! I get my cage cleaned out everyday and Mommy lets me out to play or fly. I love my grandma because she spends time with me too. She holds me when Mommy is cleaning my cage and we play together. Ahhhh, it's a bird's life!

Turbo is Deb's 8 week old Pearl cockatiel. He is readily adapting to the sometimes chaotic "Zoo", consisting of 3 kids, a bunny, 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 puppy and an 18 yr old Lutino cockatiel who is visiting. Turbo is a lovable birdie, adores to be hugged and snuggled and have his neck rubbed. His favorite thing to do is sit on Deb's shoulder and play with her hair, or sit on her computer desk and attack a twisty bag tie. He is currently being weaned from formula and eating a combo of seeds/pellets and fresh foods.His favorite food is millet.He hollers for it every morning. He also loves Doritos. Deb is making  toys for Turbo. She said "I couldn't ask for a better, more well mannered new feathered friend. I will hopefully cherish him for years and years to come."

This is Deborah's bird Simon. He's a 20 year old grey cockatiel. He came to live with her on 12-27-82 when he was 6 weeks old. He loves to sing and whistle, says a few words like pretty bird, whatcha doin, love you and hello. Simon has complete freedom. His cage door is never closed. He's usually sitting or sleeping on top.The only time he goes inside is when he's hungry or thirsty. He loves pasta and goes crazy when he sees the pot that boils  macaroni.He knows what's going on and gets impatient, Deborah sets a place for him at the table where he eats. He then flies back to his cage happy and content. He also loves lilacs. Every May when they are in bloom, she takes a bunch to him and when he sees them he so happy. He also likes to take a shower with her. She will be in there and before you know it there he is landing on her head. "He's been the perfect pet to own, and he has become my best friend. Through the years he has become so special that I can't imagine what life would be without him."

Slick was a previously owned and abused bird. She's about 10 years old and has had a very hard life. A few years ago her mate,another "abused" bird", died from lead poisoning. Slick also had lead poisoning and was gravely ill . Jackie had to give Slick shots twice a day. After this ordeal and losing her mate, she went into a depression that almost took her away too. Jackie said,"She is a bird that has always been afraid of everything especially hands. Couldn't get her out of the cage for any reason. Then came Dude, our new cockatiel. He is the one that saved her life. She is now flying all over the place and low and behold is also trying to talk. Her first words sounds like "Hi". She is even fighting back. Doesn't let Dude get away with anything.  What really makes me want to cry is that she is the first bird out of the cage now and loves to be free. That makes me happy. She is still afraid of hands but I am not giving up on her. I work with her everyday and will not give up."

This sweet little cockatiel's name is Bo.She is a female cockatiel and loves to throw things off of tables.She is very tame and will often fly out of her cage right onto Mr. Chibble's shoulder. Bo is about 6 months old. She can whistle but hasn't learned how to talk yet. She knows a few amazing tricks. Bo knows  how to turn around,shake hands and wave!That took quite awhile to teach her, but Mr.Chibbles said it was definitely worth it.

This precious little angel's name is Burt. He almost died before even hatching. His breeder, Georgia, has an incredible story to tell you. It's about how she assisted Burt in hatching. The story is featured on the next page. Click on Burt's picture to read it. Breeders and new breeders you won't want to miss this. It contains valuable information in case of a critical, emergency hatching.

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