Beautiful March 2002 Birds

Birds of the Month is No Longer a Contest. All birds and their stories are now featured. Congratulations to all of these beautiful birds for being such wonderful pets. Thank you Lorraine, Martin, Donna, Lori and Zenaida for sending us these terrific photographs!

The Bird of the Month for March photographs happens to be a tie!
Congratulations Zeke and Harley! Donna is the proud mommy of
these 2 FIDS. Click on these kissing birds to read
their Exclusive Interview with Mama Bird.


      Spike. His mommy is Lorraine.                 Harley.His mommy is Donna.


This is Quetzalli (Ket-zall-ee)and she belongs to Martin.


This is Jesse. Lori is his mommy.


Here we have Roc and Rollie. They own Zeniada's heart.

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