Beautiful Birds,November 2002

This is Kelly, a Lilac Crowned Amazon. He's an older bird, age unknown-maybe 10 years or more. Kelly is one of Lori's many "Pet Shop Rescue" birds. He had been very badly mistreated so he would bite everyone. What do you expect when kids were poking their fingers and other objects into the cage and teasing him? He was even in a cage too small for a cockatiel.  Lori said "After hundreds of hours of work he will step onto my hand and let me rub him but hates everyone else. He has chosen me for his mate and tries to feed me...not a pretty sight, but I am truly flattered!"

This is Tango,a Black Cap Lory. This breed is known for intelligence, good talking abilities, gorgeous plumage, playfulness and a good sense of humor.Because of a special diet of fruit and nectar, housecleaning is more involved than with other parrots.Tango is very acrobatic, playful, and inquisitive. She spends lots or time on her back, ready to play. In Tango’s eyes everything is a toy. Sharol said, "Tango has not started talking yet but I think she will be doing so soon by the noises she makes. Tango spends much of her time hopping around rather than walking like other birds do. She also prefers hanging upside down while in her cage. She just enjoys herself to no end. She is so sweet and very gentle with me when she plays. She really is a wonderful companion."

This cutie's name is Sunshine and she's all ready for some loving. See how she is bending her head down for some scritches? This is what a cockatiel does when it wants to be pet. Sunny,a lutino, was found wandering around a baseball field. Her wing had been broken so she is not the most graceful flyer. She prefers being carried around to flying. Shannon said "Sunny loves to sit on top of the cage & have her head scritched.She will let just about anyone pet her. She loves her boyfriend Ivan & climbs into his cage to eat his food & sit on his perches when allowed.

Ivan is another one of Shannon's feathered kids. They have been together for twelve years now. He loves to hang out & snuggle with her as she watches TV. He lets Shannon put the scrunchie around his neck with little or no fuss. They also play a game called "Vacuum Cleaner."When he's on a smooth surface like a table she holds his tail & pushes him back & forth like a little vacuum complete with sound effects! Ivan tolerates it because it makes Shannon laugh. Ivan is a one person bird. He's very jealous of competition. In the past he would attack her husband, flying at his face, trying to peck him. Shannon said he's chilled out some but is still spoiled.Thank you Shannon for sending in so many adorable photographs of your birds!

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