Birds of the Month, November 2005
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Peaches, AKA Peachy and Mr. Peach, belongs to Sarah. Sarah is one of the moderators at Cockatiel Cottage Message Board. She  said, "We had not been planning on getting a lovebird but Peaches needed us. We went to the pet store and  stopped to look at the birds! The lovebird cage had 7 lovies in it. Peaches was the only one not paired up with a buddy. The other birds were plucking out his head feathers and picking on him. Every week I went back and  he looked more depressed and less active. One day I  saw that Peaches had his head tucked, but he wasn't sleeping. He looked right at me with pleading little beady eyes that said "Please don't leave me here ." It broke my heart to walk away from him again. That evening Peaches came home with us. It took about 6 months before he was finally tame and comfortable with us. He is our little acrobat and monkey, climbing things up, down, sideways and upside down! This little guy lives to play. He will make a toy out of anything and spend hours happily playing with it! He will even play soccer with a little ball with us, head butting it across the room. Peaches is also in love with our cockatiel, Cinnamon. Cinnamon wants nothing to do with him! Thatís ok with me, though, because it means that Peaches cuddles with mommy more often! He is such a snuggly little fellow and I just love him to bits!"

Wayward Hayward is a very special Budgie and he now belongs to Sonja. Her story is heartwarming. Sonja said, "I am a nurse and work in a specialist palliative care cancer unit. I adopted Wayward from one of my patients who was very ill, I do not know how old he is but we do love him very much. He enjoys being in the garden in his cage and loves to have a good fly around! He is named Wayward Hayward because I work in Hayward House and thought it would be fitting to call him by a name that would always remind me of why I adopted him. Wayward is not my only bird.  also have a Cockatiel called Jasmine. They both get along together well and keep each other company, Wayward enjoys coming outside in his cage to the garden, and playing with his toys. He will occasionally come out of his cage to play but not very often. He does chirp alot but recently has begun mimicking the dog next door so he barks very well too!! He enjoys seed sticks and  playing with his mirrors.  He will spend hours looking in his mirrors and playing with bells. He enjoys getting a water misting bath too. We love him very much. I nursed his original owner for many weeks and I know that she would be glad that I kept my promise to her and looked after her little feathered angel."

Chantilly Lace, AKA Lacey, belongs to Judith. Judith is a frequent visitor to Cockatiel Cottage Message Board. Judith said, "Lacey is 1 year old. She is a beautiful cinnamon pied pearl. I got her from a friend when she was just 4 weeks old. I had to hand feed her. I live in Florida and at the time that I got her we had a bad hurricane. I can remember getting up in the middle of the night to feed her. I had to heat water on an outside grill constantly checking the temperature of the water. We were without power for 9 days. Boy, when I think of it now. It was worth all the effort though. Lacey is a sweet little girl. I love her very much. She loves to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Her favorite is corn. I love to try different recipes for her that I find on C.C. One of her favorite things to do is to go for walks outside in her Pet Pocket carrier. I can't imagine life without her. I think I'll go give her scritches right now!"

Tweety is 8 years old and she belongs to Ginny. She's had her since she was 6 weeks old. Ginny said, "Tweety was the runt of the clutch and she was my first experience with birds. It was a learning experience for both of us. I never put my hand inside of her cage to get her out. I put the cage on the floor and opened her door with me sitting on the floor across from her. By the 3rd day, she had come over and would sit on my ankle. By the end of week one, Tweety was sitting on my shoulder. She never liked baths, so a misting bottle came in handy. Tweety likes to stand in her tub (a glass pie plate bought just for her). She doesn't really bathe. She dips her head and gets her belly wet. For toys, she mostly likes bells and mirrors. She tips her head upside down and reaches up to grab the clapper. Tweety cuddles up to the mirrors and looks at the pretty bird she sees in it. Her favorite foods are potatoes and pasta. She also likes fruits if they aren't cold, especially grapes. Tweety  likes goldfish crackers, but I think she just likes to crush them up. She doesn't talk, but I have one of those bird clocks that chime a different bird each hour. Tweety can  imitate 2 of the birds. She yells at the rest of them."

This is Crystal's bird Ziko.  Crystal said,  "Ziko was very frightened when we first got him. He would scream if I even came near his cage. In  a couple of weeks he became stuck to me like a baby to his mother. Ziko spent hours on my shoulder staring at the pc. He studied with me and listened to my awful Hamlet recitals. He loves being cuddled and always bends his head down for scritches. I never clipped his wings so I have to make sure the windows and doors are closed before taking him out of his cage. I later decided to get Ziko a companion, Kiki. I moved them out of their cage into their own room. Within a few months, they gave me two angels, Nemo and Touti. Ziko is now a devoted father. I love watching him feed the babies and groom them. The babies are growing bigger and prettier everyday. Since I can't find pellets here in Egypt, Ziko eats seeds, vegetables, eggs and any table food that I am eating. He won't hesitate to take a bite out of my sandwich! His favorite toys are my golden rings and bracelet, too expensive!  Ziko is a great talker and whistler. He can say his own name and many other sentences. He  speaks in Arabic of course . He even taught Kiki some of the whistles and words. I think his babies will be excellent speakers too. I  wish I could find a human being with the qualities of Ziko!"

This is Mojo Jojo. He just had his first birthday. Eppy had this to say about him, " I'm 18 and I bought him last year. My mum was a bit cautious but now everyone in the family loves him and Mojo Jojo has become a loved family member. He was originally called Mojo but he loves to say "Mojo Jojo" so that's what we call him! He loves talking and he can say "hello", "morning", "pretty boy", "Mojo Jojo" . He can also blow kisses, imitate an evil laugh and  to the wolf whistles! Mojo Jojo is a great fan of Elvis and he  likes to dance to his music. He can also whistle "Hound Dog" and "Love Me Tender" Mojo Jojo loves to play with his food. At the end of the day half of the food from his bowl has mysteriously ended up in his water. Mojo's favorite toys are his ladder and bell. He seems to ring the bell when anyone walks past the house. Being a parrot bell this tends to be rather noisy."

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