Beautiful Birds, October 2003
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  Pearly belongs to Claire who is 12 years old. Pearly is 2 years old and very friendly. Claire said, "I have had her since she was a baby. She still likes eating mush through a syringe and eats cereal from my bowl. Pearly loves water crackers. Once she ate a whole water cracker by herself. I feed Pearly both seed and pellets. She especially loves seed blocks with honey and sunflower seeds. She won't eat much fruit or vegetables and prefers crunchy food. Pearly loves whistling and is extremely loud.  She was hand raised by my auntie who has 3 lovely cockatiels. Pearly sometimes helps my Mum with the gardening. My brother thinks that she is cute and funny because she is cheeky and noisy, but she has the most innocent face imaginable. Pearly is a great bird and a wonderful friend to everyone who knows her. My whole family loves her!"

Sophia had this to say about her 2  birds,  "Frodo and Gimli love us very much and we try to return their love and companionship to the maximum everyday .They were not very friendly towards each other at first, but they fell in love quickly and now they are inseparable. They are very different characters. Frodo likes to be scratched  and  is very curious, playful and energetic . She loves exploring and chewing everything in her path . Gimli, is very suspicious and careful . He pretends to hate being pet, but as soon as he discovers the joy of it, he stays with us for hours . He prefers perching to exploring and behaves like a watch guard.  Every time we enter the room they greet us by stretching their wings. When they see us eating they eat too. Every afternoon Gimli talks to the wild birds outside. He even mimics some of their sounds . When he does that, Frodo looks at him almost saying, "We are cockatiels Gimli. Don't use this inferior and primitive language again!!!" They have set up a nest and have started to lay eggs. We are so delighted and wait with happiness!  We hope we will become grandparents very soon!!!" 

This is Cooper, Kassandra's three-year old lutino cockatiel. Cassandra said, "He's lived with me for the past two years and is my number one companion. Cooper lives the life of a college student (like his mommy) and loves it! He stays up late at night, sleeps in, and has been known to pull the occasional all-nighter during finals week. He doesn't actually stay awake all night, but sleeps on mommy's shoulder while I'm hitting the books! Even without the all-nighters Cooper is extremely smart. He can say "Pretty Bird," whistle a cat call, and he even figured out how to open his cage door! He loves new noises and has learned to imitate the sounds of the telephone, an ambulance siren, and mommy's laugh. Cooper's favorite pastimes include looking in the mirror, hanging upside down, tearing up paper (including text books), and riding on shoulders."

Peanut is Thesha's 6 month old whiteface cinnamon pied, male cockatiel. Thesha said this about her bird, "He is a hand raised baby I got from a breeder friend of mine. He is the best bird but he doesn't know he's a bird. He can sing up a storm and talks when he wants to. His favorite food is Cheerios. Peanut will not eat any fruit. He lives in a nice cage and has two neighbors. They are my girl's 2 parakeets, Rainbow and Blue. We love Peanut so much and he never fails to amuse us!"

This is Antoinette's precious baby Sammy. He was born on July 23rd, 2003. This is her first baby bird. Antoinette said, "Sammy and I got off to a slow start. Neither one of us knew what to do. We finally got the feeding down to a science. Then we had the adventure of seeing what the big wide world had to offer. Now we are in the biting stage because he does not want to go in the cage. He loves to be with his mama. He has figured out what the towel in my lap is for, feeding time. If he is on my shoulder which is where he is 99% of the time, he will run down to the towel and start letting me know he is ready. He has finally figured out how to get on all of his perches and his swing. He also has decided that he loves his bell toy. He use to be afraid of it. Now he rings the bell when he is in his cage, which is very seldom. I have grown to love Sammy as if he were my son and I feel that he loves me very much also. I hope that we have a very long life together. Oh, almost forgot, he can almost say hello. At least the sounds are like the way I say it."

These are Christine's two new babies. Their names are Stella and Cruz. Her babies are 3 and a half months old. They were hand fed by a friend of Christine. They gray one is Cruz and the pearl is Stella. Christine said, "I haven't had them home very long, but can see their different personalities coming out already. Cruz would rather sit on me and play ( ear rings are his favorite) where Stella is friendly and likes to play. She is much more the adventurous type and goes for a short flight now and then! These guys are going to be more than spoiled. They have tons of toys, a table top gym and I plan on working with them a lot so they whistle and talk!!"

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