Birds of the Month, October 2004
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These 2 cinnamon cockatiels are  Gina's birds. Their names are Terrance and Philip. Gina said, " My husband and I are owned by these 2 little guys. We have only had them about 3 months. They are spoiled rotten by both of us. Terrance and Philip have the sweetest dispositions and love nothing more than to just hang out on my shoulder all day. Although Phillip  is just a baby he’s already whistling Colonel Bogey, Bridge on the River Kwai, Pop Goes the Weasel, the Wolf Whistle and says Who’s a Pretty Boy. I know it’s only a matter of time before he starts saying "I Love You"  as he looks at me so intently when I say it to him. We’re fairly sure that Terrance is a girl as she’s not very vocal, but she is very inquisitive and is always getting up to mischief. They eat fresh veggies, corn, peas, beans and carrots, with rice, pellets and other foods. Their favorite treats are millet and cheerios. Being new to birds I had no idea what wonderful pets they made. If someone had told me I could get so attached to cockatiels I would never have believed them. Now I know that there will always be cockatiels in our home. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

This little cutie pie's name is Peanut. He's only 2 and 1/2 months old and is owned by Christiana. She said "Peanut came from a busy home with 50 other birds with species from parakeets to cockatoos. When he was born, his mother rejected her. She was put in with another clutch and was raised by a surrogate mom.  I adopted Peanut after my bird Pretty escaped and flew away.  When I got Peanut, she had a little  mite problem and lost all of her feathers. She's fine now and has beautiful feathers. Peanut  loves a variety of foods. She eats. pellets, corn flakes, rice krispies, cheerios, cheese,  lettuce, rice, eggs and seeds. She has  tried strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and apples but she's not crazy about those yet. Peanut has  plenty of toys like a small wheel with a bell in it that she spins all day.  She also has a mirror with a bell and a long fruit beaded chain with a bell.  Peanut loves to play with straws and toothpicks but they are always taken away from her.  Peanut has a play pen but she prefers to hang out on the  top of her cage. Every morning she's taken out of her cage and stays out all day long. I know Peanut is enjoying her new home. I hope that someday she will be able to talk but I already knows how much she loves me!

This is a wonderful photograph of Piri enjoying her shower! Piri belongs to Ana Luisa. She said, " One day I went to the market as usual to buy some food for the coming week. I saw Piri at the pet shop and couldn't resist taking her home. Peri is just 8 months old. In the beginning, I though Peri was a boy but my avian vet told me that he's pretty sure she's a girl. Peri just learned how to whistle the wolf call "Fuit fuiiiiuuu" and she's till learning how to talk. She really enjoys going into the shower just as much as pulling my earrings out. Piri's  wings are not clipped, so she can follow me around the house. She also squawks when I leave the house because she  hate being alone!! Sometimes I take Peri me with me when I go out on her little birdie leash. Peri only has 1 enemy if the house,  the vacuum cleaner . When she hears it, she screams because she doesn't like it at all. 

Caitlin sent in this picture of her beautiful bird Cloud. She said, "Cloud was my little  sweetheart. I got her from a breeder in Georgia, when she was just a baby. I took her home and made her comfortable with my other cockatiel Buddy. They were great pals! Cloud was so special to me. She had the sweetest disposition. She was very cuddly and always wanted her head scratched. Cloud always had to be the center of attention. Sadly, I lost my dear Cloud a week ago. She was attacked by a cat and had an eye infection. I miss her so much. She will always be in my heart.

NOTE: Cats contain a lethal bacteria in their saliva. Although not harmful to humans, the bacteria is deadly for birds. If your bird is ever attacked by a cat, clawed by a cat or comes in contact with your cat's toys, food dish, water dish, please take it to an avian vet immediately. When a cat attacks a bird, you may not be able to see tiny scratches or teeth marks under the bird's feathers. This lethal bacteria multiplies rapidly and if your bird is not treated by an avian vet within 24 hours it will die. To read more about this bacteria, CLICK HERE

Candy said, "Our 6-month-old male pied cockatiel Baby is the most beautiful cockatiel I had ever seen. It was mother love at first sight!. Baby just loves towels and any type of fabric, sheets, blankets etc. He runs up to it  and starts talking with his little wings spread out. He's also very attached to me.  Mudge, AKA Cheepy is our  blue, tiny budgie. She's the smallest parakeet I've ever seen, but she sure puts up a fuss when Baby tries to get into her house! Cheepy was always good at mimicking the outside birds but really ramped it up several notches when Baby arrived . Now she "Wheets" like a cockatiel and tries to get Baby to chat with her. Baby loves to sit on my shoulder or explore his house, Cheepy's house and both of their playpens. So far, he says, "What are you doing?", "Are you a sweet bird?" or "Are you a sweet sweet bird?", "Mudgie, where are you?", "Are you snoozy?" and "Pretty baby." He's a delight, although he yells whenever the garage door goes up or down, or whenever anyone comes into the house. Both of our birds love to be "Whooped" by the blow dryer and Baby often comes into the shower with me. I feed both birds a mix of seeds and pellets. They love  millet, peas, blueberries, corn on the cob, broccoli, parsley and apple.  I think I spoil my birds as much as I spoiled my human kids!"

Miss Filé Gumbo is Marie's 12 year old 1/2 lutino and 1/2 pearl cockatiel. Marie said, "She was so young when I got her that  when I laid down to rest, she'd climb on my chest & practice standing on one leg to sleep. She loves a neck rub and her favorite resting spot is my right shoulder. We go all over the apartment that way. She escaped outside once, but luckily her wings had been clipped so she just across the parking lot. I rolled my wheelchair over, put my hand down & she jumped onto it. Now Miss Filé is afraid of any strange door especially the front door. She has  a remarkable memory. She escaped when she was just a year old. When she wants a drink of water she squawks in my ear & cranes her neck towards the bathroom where I fill a Dixie® bathroom cup with water. When she is finished Filé climbs back on my shoulder. When Miss Filé needs a bath, she tries to stick her foot in the cup so I fill a bowl with warm water & she splashes around to her hearts content.  Her favorite snacks include cheddar & Swiss cheese, strawberries (especially the leaves), grits, grapes, millet spray, cooked pasta, like fettuccine, cheerios, & chicken or turkey bites. She doesn't talk and  just makes the usual bird squawks when she wants my attention. Even though she  never learned to speak or whistle, I think I'll keep her anyway. As a disabled person who is mainly housebound, she is a great companion."

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