Beautiful Birds, September

Valerie has added another new bird to her flock. This little cutie's name is Ducky and he's a normal gray cockatiel. Ducky is having a wonderful time in his new home. Valerie said, "Ducky a very gentle, loving boy who has adjusted so well to his new home. He really loves to have human company though and doesn't like to go anywhere without his purple blanket! I got a very pretty, soft purple blanket for my birthday. If you ask anyone they know it belongs to Ducky. He loves to sing to it, talk to it and hide under it. Ducky can say "Pretty Bird", "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty", and can also whistle the Bridge Over the River Kwai, the wolf whistle and a whistle that calls the dogs in! Ducky loves to eat pellets, greens and just about anything that's healthy for him. He love to hang out with us and give us kisses while he grooms our hair. We feel very blessed to have 3 wonderful birds in our lives."

Stella and Cruz are Christine's 2 new little babies. They are about 3 1/2 month old. Christine had this to say about her birds. "The gray one is Cruz and the pearl is Stella. They were hand fed by a friend of mine. I haven't had them home very long but can see their different personalities coming out already. Cruz would rather sit on me and play with my earrings. Stella is friendly and likes to play too but she is much more adventurous and goes for a short flight now and then! These guys are going to be more than spoiled. They have tons of toys, a table top gym and I plan on working with them a lot so they can learn to whistle and talk!!"

Bob is Jordan's 9 year old cockatiel. Jordan said, "It is impossible for me to leave the room without her whistling and then flying to me. It's as if she's attached to me by with a string! She doesn't talk or imitate sounds much but I can identify her different whistles to tell when she is hungry, wants cuddling or wants to be left alone. Bob goes crazy for popcorn, the inside of pizza crust, and spaghetti. She LOVES little cave-like hiding spaces. When I lift up a blanket or my shirt she will run inside to explore. She likes when I give her a little "Car wash-like" shower" with my wet hair She chirps at me to put my head down and then opens her wings and shimmies around under my wet hair. If I try using my hands to drip water on her she will immediately fly away. Bob is also a champion bug spotter. On many occasions I have found tiny bugs in my house because I will see her eyeing one on the ceiling."

This little feather puff's name is Teddy. She is one of Louise's 3 cockatiels and is 20 years old! Louise said," Teddy has always been my girl. She needs a lot of understanding because she is complex, moody, demanding and temperamental in a passive manner. She likes her neck scratched but only in the morning from inside the cage. She will sit on my shoulder as I work on the computer but she likes my company best late at night, sitting on my lap under a blanket. She doesn’t make loud objections but squeaky mouse concerns."

Franklin and Ellie are 20 years old! They are Louise's other 2 birds. She got all 3 birds in 1983. Louise said, "Franklin, was a wild bird and the two females were hand fed. The differences have always been apparent. Franklin never liked to be held although he will take food from an offering hand. He was always been small and frail but feisty. He is content to be in the cage, on top of the door or cupboard doing the wolf whistle . Franklin loves Ellie. He sings to her and follows her around not allowing her out of his sight, giving loud objections if I leave the room with her.  Ellie is strong, clever and adventurous. Together they have ventured more places than he would have alone. Ellie enjoys  having her neck scratched,a spray bath, sitting on the ceiling fan moving slowly with her own momentum, knocking over the knick-knacks on the mantelpiece and walking on the floor looking for anything that might interest her. I have given these birds love and attention for 20 years and they have paid me back tenfold. I am honored to share my life with them."

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