Birds of the Month, September 2004
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Cinnamon  has just celebrated his first birthday on June 22! He belongs to Sarah. Sarah said, "Cinnamon was having many problems with broken, bleeding blood feathers when we first got him. His breeder clipped his wings too short. We've spent a lot of time at the emergency room  because of this. We had to keep him inside of a glass aquarium until his flight feathers grew back. We then got them clipped properly by our avian vet. We couldn't ask for a sweeter baby. He is very friendly to everyone. He loves to play with his bell and wooden buttons. His favorite table foods are broccoli, ham, corn and spaghetti. He will dive into a plate of spaghetti, joyfully eating and getting very messy! He always gets a shower after eating spaghetti! He loves spreading his wings on his shower perch and getting himself soaked! Cinnamon talks in his own created language but he also wolf whistles constantly and can say "Hi, Baby!" and "I'm a pretty bird!" Cinnamon does a great imitation of the kitchen timer and brushing teeth. While we are vacuuming, he whistles,  creating his own birdie opera. He likes to cuddle before bedtime, getting head rubs and giving out preens for ears and hair. We love him very dearly and are so happy he's in our lives."

Sweetie, on the right, is a 2 year old adopted female. She was given to Kelly because her owners didn't want to take care of her after they got a new puppy. Kelly said, "When she was first bought, they took her out of the cage all the time but after the excitement wore off, she became neglected. When I brought her home, she bit, hissed and was cage bound. After she was given the love and attention she deserved, she became much better. She now comes out of the cage on her own and loves to roam around the house. She loves to groom me, eat millet and take showers with me. Sweetie wolf whistles and sometimes when she hears the shower running, she will get out of her cage and wait at the bathroom door for me to come out. I saved her from being neglected, and she saved me by making me so happy. Sunny, on the left, is a 7 month old pearl. He was bought at pet store. I visited him a few times before I bought him.  He has a wonderful personality and loves to come out of his cage and be on his mom's shoulder. Sunny also likes to watch his dad play video games and he is just starting to sing. His favorite foods are whatever his mom is eating, such as cereal, applesauce, and spaghetti. He can be a bit loud at times, and likes to wake us up at 6:30 AM. His name Sunny, describes the sunshine he brought into our lives."

This is Emma's  6 months old cockatiel, Harry. He lives in the United Kingdom with his mommy Emma and his daddy Steve. Emma said, "Harry has a cage and a playground but he hardly ever goes inside of his cage. He prefers to sit on somebody's shoulder. Harry can talk and whistle.  His favorite thing to say is "What you doing?, You're a good boy!". He likes millet seeds by only gets 1 spray a week.  Harry also likes lettuce and the woody bits of stems that grapes come on. He can be a little naughty at times, pulling on his my earrings or pulling on his daddy's eyelashes.  During our dinner, Harry has to go back inside of his cage because he likes to walk across plates of food. Duster is Harry's girlfriend. He chases after her when she is moving across tables and he sings to her very nicely!! This picture shows Harry picking up his breakfast dime. He has some cereal and a sip of tea with me every morning. Big kisses to Muriel who  was his breeder."

This is Julie's bird, Henry. He was a year old on June 6th. Julie said, ". My husband and I got him from a wonderful breeder. Henry loves to nibble on scraps of paper and he hates towels. He greets us with whistles every time we come into the house. Henry eats pellets, broccoli, apple, grapes, greens and some seeds. Basically he eats whatever we give him, although we try to make sure the food is cockatiel-friendly. He can say one thing now, and that is “Hello Henry.” He says this a lot if he’s looking in a mirror. We think he’s working on saying “I’m a good boy,” and “Daddy’s boy,” but we’re not sure yet. Henry is just now getting into having his head scratched, but it has to be done with our chins or jawbones. Fingers seem to be off-limits with him for now. He loves to step up and, on our shoulders, travel with us around the house. My husband is definitely not a bird person. A few months after Henry joined our family, my husband absolutely fell in love with him.  Henry adores my husband as well. We’re all definitely bonded and Henry’s a real joy! My husband is always amazed at how much personality a cockatiel has.

Josee had one cockatiel named Soledad, but she found a lost cockatiel, adopted him and named him Leopold. Josee' said, "The 2 birds fell in love very quickly. They were in two separate cages but were crying all of the time to be together. After a week, I allowed him to stay with her. I think he is MUCH older than she is. He takes care of both her and the babies. He pushes Soledad with his beak towards the babies. I think he is teaching her what to do. She sits on a few babies and he sits on some too right next to her. They put their heads together and sit side by side. I saw him feeding her and preening  her crest. They are so cute. Both birds are very tame and allow me to pick up the babies. I don't know how I will prevent them from breeding again. I should separate them, but they will cry days and night. Nature is so strong. I don't want her to breed too much and what am I going to do with all of those babies ? I have friends and family for the  5 they are now taking care of, but what about the next clutch? "

Rascal is Wendy's 3 month old cockatiel. Wendy said, " He immediately took over our hearts and our house! I collect rocking horses and, as you can see, Rascal enjoys “horseback riding.” We have a recessed window garden in our kitchen and it has become Rascal’s playpen. I have begonias, spider plants and aloe in the window and Rascal treats it like an all you can eat salad bar! We put up jingle balls on a suction cup and some other toys and he will play there for hours. He likes to see the other birds outside, too. I bought a ladder for his cage that comes in pieces. You can assemble it the way you want. Rascal’s favorite way to use it is to pull the pegs out that hold it together. Every morning I find it taken apart on the bottom of the cage! Rascal adores my husband. His favorite place to be is on his shoulder or snuggled up on his chest under his nose. Rascal doesn’t talk yet but he does wolf whistle and the come here whistle, as well as imitate the microwave beeping. I have gone to get food out many times, only to find out that it  was Rascal beeping!  He also imitates the phone, the dogs and my laugh! I don’t know what we ever did without him!"

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