Birds of the Month, September, 2005
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This is Chucky, a 4 year old male cockatiel who was born with a deformed foot. His owners are James and Deana. They said, "The vet has told us that his foot causes him no pain, it just may hamper his ability to use it for certain things like climbing. His disability has  not slowed him down at all. He is truly amazing. We wouldn't trade him for 100 non-disabled birds. Chucky is perfect the way he is. He is the leader of all our birds. We currently have 6 of them. Chucky talks and whistles several tunes. He also loves to have his head rubbed. He will let you rub his head and cheek patches for hours. Chucky also loves to eat all sorts of table foods. When the microwave dings, Chucky lets us know not to forget him!  Learning how to talk was easy for him. In the morning when he wants his cage uncovered, you can hear his little voice say "Hey boy" (that's what we say when we uncover him. We have another cockatiel named Lucky, a white faced cockatiel. We got him from the same store about two years ago. Lucky had a broken wing as a baby and the clerk said it didn't heal properly. His wing sticks out slightly and his flying ability is questionable. Lucky was in a cage all by himself at the store.  When we saw him, we had to have him. He was the most talkative, friendly bird in the store. He loves to talk and sing. We named him Lucky because, we were lucky to find such a great bird!"

This is Sam and he belongs to Nelson. He's a lucky bird because he has 2 cages, one for sleeping and a very large one for daytime playing. Nelson said, "Sam is still too young to talk but he  can whistle and chirp. He is not afraid to try new foods, as long as  it's on my plate and I am eating it too. He like broccoli but only if it is slightly cooked. He also likes raw asparagus as well as oatmeal and other breakfast cereals. I always check the labels to make sure they are zinc free. Sam doesn't like to eat alone and like kids, his favorite foods are the ones that are not for him. Sam doesn't like bathing. He gets very mad when I mist him or get him wet in any fashion with water. He is growing every day,  mentally and physically. He is getting more and more sure footed, climbing things  he would never attempt before. He can do his tight rope walk on the chain as easy as walking across the floor now. I have been playing the Andy Griffith theme for him and he bobs his head to the beat. Sam is getting more vocal now. When I put him on the front platform of large cage and walk away, he starts gibbering out loud like a baby would google. He makes these funny noises like he is trying to talk and then whistles randomly with an occasional wolf whistle."

This is Leslie's bird Charlie. She said, "We were searching for a hand raised baby and went to a shop that we had heard good things about. The first thing we saw was is a little guy running around very anxious to be picked up. Charlie is is a very silly bird and he is about 9 months old now. He loves to cuddle, whistle, and talk. He began taking at about 4 months old. He can say about 8 words now. His first words were "Hi Charlie!" and "Hi good boy!" He also says "Step Up" when he wants up. He loves to mimic sounds and does a great impression of the phone and the microwave! We call him "Char Char" for short and he loves saying this over and over while bouncing up and down! My favorite thing to do with Charlie is snuggle him and play Peek a Boo. He learned this trick while I was folding clothes. Charlie ran behind a pile of clothes I heard his little laugh! When I looked around the pile of clothes he quickly said "Hi!". This was so funny to see! Charlie's favorite food is pasta! He loves to eat it and of course wipe his messy face on myself or my husband! I love Charlie and there is never a dull moment at our house since he joined our family!"

Here's another little bird whose name is also Charlie. He belongs to Denny who said, "Charlie had a wonderful home with two very nice people. He had a big cage and was loved. His former owner's landlord didn't like the noise. Poor Charlie & his noise had to go. His owners saw an ad I had placed about a giving a  good and loving home to all and any unwanted birds. They emailed me and the following week brought Charlie to my home temporarily. They wanted to think about it before leaving him with me permanently. Charlie is a wonderful little bird and we bonded right away. I prayed all week they would let him stay and they did! He is living life to the fullest here. He has learned a new trick. When I say  "Charlie Duck," he drops down like he's ducking. He loves to give and get kisses and he can whistle. Charlie likes to spend time with Sunshine, one of my other cockatiels. He loves to play with just about anything but he loves a  Play tree that I made for him the best. It has all kinds of baby toys on it. I have a bird bath, like the you would see in a yard, in my bird room. Charlie and Sunshine get in the water and splash around like 2 kids! They flap their wings like they are trying to get each other wet. wet! Charlie is 1 of 9 cockatiels that I have and he gets along with all of them. I have 17 adopted birds in all."

Essen is a cinnamon cockatiel and he belongs to Angela. She said, "Essen is 4 months old.  When I went to the pet store, Essen came right over to me and walked up to my shoulder. It  was love at first sight! I held other birds, but there was no connection. As soon as Essen came to me I knew he/she was the one I would be taking home. Essen loves riding on my shoulder all day. He also loves to go  walking with me and my kids. He lets everybody hold him. Essen is the sweetest bird I have ever been around and he makes our family very happy! He lets me kiss him right on the beak and absolutely loves having his head scratched. He also loves getting under my chin to be pet. The first 2 weeks at home with us, he was very vocal so we thought he was a male, Lately he hasn't been very vocal so who knows? Essen's favorite foods are peas, corn and cauliflower. He doesn't really like any fruits at all. His favorite treats are  Nutra Puffs and millet spray. Essen loves to play with drinking straws.  I can't drink a beverage without Essen pulling the straw out of my glass so he can play with! He even holds it in his foot! He doesn't care too much about  his bird toys or mirrors, since he spends most of the time on my shoulder and getting attention from me. He spends 95% of his time with me outside of his cage.  He even rides in the car with me when I take the kids to school.  I don't know what I would do without my little Essen! In just 3 months, he has become our best friend! "

This is Lili's  baby, Bobberta.  Lili said, "She is the only one that hatched out of the Sunshine and Goldie's first clutch. I am new to cockatiel breeding.  I can tell you this. It takes a lot of work to breed birds. I hardly had any time for sleeping, but it has been worth it. Bobberta has been growing so rapidly and I can see the changes in her every day. She is gradually being weaned off of hand feeding formula and we are feeding her different types of solid foods.  She is always very hungry. I think the parents got sick of her begging for them to feed her, so they kicked her out the nesting box. One day I found her on the bottom of the cage. I took her out and noticed she was bleeding. Some of her feathers that were just starting to coming in had been plucked out. We came to the conclusion that the parents were plucking out her feathers. I took her in and I became mommy. I hand fed her myself every three hours, than every four, and so on. I will miss hand feeding her and her messy face after the feeding. I can't sell her because I am so attached to her. I love her!  I'll always be her mommy. This little bassinet was made just for her!"

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