Beautiful Birds September 2002 
This is no longer a contest. All photos and stories will be displayed!

The Bird of the Month for September is Millie! What a gorgeous display of her wings! Millie belongs to Lux and from the picture, it looks like Millie likes to perch on something soft, like the towel which is draped over Lux's hand. From the title of the picture it is quite obvious how much Millie is loved. Congratulations Millie and congratulations to all of the other beautiful birds featured on this page for being so loved ! Click on Millie's picture to read her interview.

Our other Bird of the Month Winner is this cutie pie. His name is Bernie. Congratulations Bernie and NaDeana It looks like he is a bit camera shy, but still curious enough to take a peek at what's going on. Bernie has a very special story about his new life with his new mommie. Click on Bernie's picture to read his interview about how this once sad little bird was rescued.

Meet Bert and Sunny.It looks like this handsome couple are sitting on top of a nestbox. Could there be love in the air and a new family of cockatiels on the way? They sure look like proud parents protecting their young.  Their beautiful, thick  crests show how alert they are.

Pete is ready to take on this fierce looking furbaby. Look at his beak! Ouch! Pete is belongs to Lux and is Millie, this month's winner. You can read more about Pete in Millie's interview with Mama Bird.


These 3 little angels are named, Bo B, Sugar and Coco. They are obviously enjoying their reflections in the shiny brass trunk. Lori has said that the plant is artificial--not real. So it's OK for Sugar to nibble on the leaves and stems.

Daffodil and Pretty Bird seem to be enjoying somebody"s favorite chair. I wonder if it's Valerie's, their mommie's chair? Daffodil is a lutino cockatiel and Pretty Bird is a normal gray.These angels are cherished by Valerie! She sent this picture for our bird quilt.

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