Welcome to the Cottage Pet Shop. Have you ever thought about surprising somebody by giving them a cat, dog, bird  or other small animal as a gift for a special occasion? Have you ever been tempted to buy a pet on a whim? If you have, we are going to try and convince you that it is the wrong thing to do. On the page about Pet Facts, below, you can read some very sad statistics about  pet over-population. Did you know that shelters euthanize birds as well as cats and dogs? We have suggestions for pet themed gifts as well as over 100 animal snowglobes that you can give as gifts to family members and friends, instead of giving them a living pet that needs to be taken care of. Take what you would like but please take a logo and link back to Cockatiel Cottage's main page.




Please take a logo and link back

Some Graphics made with PSP picture tubes.
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