Things With Wings  

These are Mama Bird's enchanted companions and guardians. With their fluttering wings,  they can whisk her away from any household dangers, returning her to the safety of her cage or to a curtain rod where she can safely perch. Their magical wings can also shield her from the vision of lurking cats , dogs or other unfriendly creatures such as husbands and teenagers. Most importantly, they oversee the care that Mama Bird is getting from her lady person.  All of these mystical companions have been adopted by me. Their sole mission in life is to promote the advancement of the conscientious and loving care of  cockatiels in this world.

          Spats                  Giboo 

These fearsome looking creatures will frighten away any human or beast that Mama perceives as a threat. Although fairly docile by nature, Spats and Giboo can stir up a furious rage if needed to protect their cockatiel. Both creatures have extremely sharp fangs and claws and will use them without hesitation if needed should a cat or dog even contemplate approaching a cockatiel. They are also prone to nipping humans behind the knees should a human even think about abusing or neglecting a bird.Nipping is quite painful and hurts humans, just like neglecting a cockatiel hurts the bird. So Mama always has fresh food and water, a clean cage, and she gets lots of love and playtime outside of her cage. Lady Person never, ever gets nipped.

Adopted From Dixieland Dragons


Twinkie and Twinkles

Twinkie and Twinkles are sweet little fairies who live in small crystal bottles next to Mama's cage. They sing and whistle gentle lullabies to Mama when she is upset or nervous.This makes Mama feel more secure and she starts chirping with delight. Mama finds their companionship very comforting during times of stress. Mama is also lulled into 12 hours of peaceful sleep every night from their songs.Twinkie and Twinkles also tickle cockatiels. This makes Mama feel like another flock bird is expressing affection and preening her.Sometimes they give her popcorn and millet seeds as treats.This makes Mama feel so special.


                               Jessica, Rose and Snowflake

Jessica, Rose and Snowflake are cockatiel fairy godmothers.  They  give Lady Person the patience needed  in order to keep a  companion bird. Jessica is the music fairy, and she  helps Mama Bird remember all of the songs that she has learned.  She also reminds Lady Person to whistle and talk to Mama throughout the day. Rose is the fairy of good health and she keeps cockatiels strong and full of vitality.  She reminds Lady Person to be observant and notice signs of illness so Mama Bird can obtain proper medical attention .  Snowflake is the love fairy.  She reminds Mama not to bite when she is annoyed, and reminds Lady Person to never get angry and hit or yell at a cockatiel  because it bites. Love bears all things.


Unfortunately, all of these guardians are just mythical and can not guard or protect your bird at all.  Only you can do that.  They serve as imaginary representations of what qualities a loving and conscientious cockatiel owner should posses and what duties and responsibilities need to be met.  They are meant to stir the conscience of people who neglect their cockatiels. If you would like to see and read more stories about other Mystical Companions, please visit page 2.



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