Things With Wings-2  

These are more of Mama Bird's enchanted companions and guardians. A cockatiel can never have too many companions. It makes them feel like they are part of a flock.Companion birds thrive on the attention and love given to them by their human flock. All of these mystical babies have been adopted by me. Their sole mission in life is to promote the advancement of the conscientious and loving care of cockatiels in this world.


 Melanie and  Zoe

This is Melanie.  Melanie is the fairy of good nutrition.  She reminds Lady Person to prepare a variety of fresh vegetables, fruit and protein dishes for her cockatiel every day. She encourages Mama Bird to eat her fruit and vegetables.  Zoe is the fairy of pleasure.She reminds Mama's lady person to always have enjoyable yet nutritious treats on hand for her, such as Nutriberries and vegetable corn bread.   Zoe also reminds Lady Person to spend time every single day playing with and talking to Mama Bird and to alternate cage toys to prevent her from getting bored. She hasn't done too well with toys because Mama is still afraid of them.


Phoebe and Chuckles

Phoebe is the magical unicorn of exercise and flight. She encourages cockatiels to stretch their wings and to climb the cage bars to maintain physical fitness. Giving cockatiels a bit of a prod on their tail feathers, she makes sure that Mama Bird at least plays with her homemade toys, cuttlebone or food and does not sit in a corner wasting away. Chuckles is a mischievous dragon baby. Although he does protect Mama, he likes to tease cockatiels by flashing his wings and blinking his eyes quickly.This makes them squawk loudly or bite.


Unfortunately, all of these guardians are also just mythical and can not guard or protect your bird at all.  Only you can do that.  They serve as imaginary representations of what qualities  a loving and conscientious cockatiel owner should posses and what duties and responsibilities need to be met.  They are meant to stir the conscience of people who neglect their cockatiels. How does your conscience feel?


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