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Our Newest Award--The Beautiful Bird Award

Award 6

This is the easiest award to win. Just email us a photograph of your pet bird, along with a paragraph or two, telling us all about your little sweetie. Please include your name, bird's name and your email address. We welcome photographs to use in our articles, Birds of the Month as well as for our Bird Quilt and Bird Puzzles. You don't have to have a website to win this award. If you do have one and choose to display it, please link it back to Cockatiel Cottage .

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The Requirements

  1. Please sign my guestbook sign so I know you were here.

  2. Please send us a photograph of your bird to display on Cockatiel Cottage Website.

  3. Please include a paragraph or 2 telling us about your bird.

How's that for easy?
Thanks so much for sharing photographs of your birds with Cockatiel Cottage.

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