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This is Katherine's bird Rome.  She said, "I got him last year in November from my grandparents. Their two cockatiels had babies. They ended up with too many birds so I was promised one of the cockatiels when they were just eggs. Rome is so sweet. He loves to wolf whistle and say "Hello Rome." When I let him out he likes to jump around on people's heads. He enjoys having his head scritched and his favorite foods are carrots, bread and dried corn. My little sister, who I share a room with,  gets annoyed because before fall asleep all we can hear is the sound of Rome grinding his beak! He had a toy bell, but I took it away. It was frayed. Rome might have gotten tangled up in. He now has a McDonald's toy  that he loves to attack and talk to."

  Eva sent us this photo of her bird Tejais. She said, "Tejais' favorite little person was Nolan, my grandson. My daughter Debbie was his favorite big person, other than me. Tejais could talk! He could say: "Here Kitty kitty kitty", "Ha Ha Ha" "Hey! Hey!" "Come here Come here" (while watching someone go by) "Tejais - pretty bird". "What's up Doc", "Aaaahoo" (copying my sneeze). His favorite foods included mashed potatoes with margarine and dab of salt, scrambled eggs, and tator tots. He enjoyed riding in the car with us and visiting other people.  Tejais did not like the sound of a baby or a small child crying, real or on TV.  He would get very fidgety, trying to get over to the baby. He had to see if the little one was OK. Once the baby started laughing at him, he was content. He couldn't stand it when someone didn't want to visit with him. He would climb up to them over and over again. As soon as they accepted him and visited with him he was happy. I hope this explains why we all miss him so much. He had so many friends, all over our town."

This is a photograph of Chico, one of Anna's 4 cockatiels. Pictures of the other 3, Chima, Goldy and Marchy are on page 2. Anna said, "Each bird has a very different personality. Chico is a very talented bird. He can say a few words and he likes to sing. Chico can also dance and do tricks. He's 2 years old and just wonderful. Chima is very good mother. She is also very smart and likes to play with the other cockatiels. Chima  is in love with Chico. She really enjoys scratching the other cockatiel's heads.  Marchy is my favorite bird He's only a year old and also very smart.  He likes to  whistle and play.  Goldy is only 7 month old. She's an awesome bird. She's intelligent and so  pretty! She thinks she is about 5 years old!  All 4 of my birds always  have clean water, a large, clean cage and the all get lots of love. They enjoy eating different food and a variety of fresh vegetables. They are the most beautiful birds in the world!"

Casey is owned by Annie. Casey is now a 1 year old bird. Annie said, "I got her about 2 months ago. I walked into a pet shop to buy some seed and little Casey followed me everywhere around the aviary. Casey would not take her little eyes off of me. I somehow felt there was a special connection between the 2 of us. Needless to say, I brought her home with me that day. Casey is adorable and she is developing a lovely little personality. She Loves to get out of the cage and be with me all the time. Casey gets jealous and cranky when I'm not playing with her or paying attention to her. Like all babies, she gets into lots of mischief too. Casey cannot replace Mango, but I'm so glad my little special baby picked me and put that smile on my face again."

This little sweetheart's name is Billy and he is owned by Roseanne. She said, "Billy is 6 months old in this picture. He was handfed so is very quiet and cute. His breeder sent me pictures of him from the time he was 1 week old. So I was already in love with him before I even brought him home. Billy broke off all of his tail feathers and we're waiting for new ones to grow in. I think Billy is a male because he is so vocal. He can say Hello Billy, whistle a few tunes , and mimic the phone. Billy I lives outside of his cage when I'm home.  He loves any food that mum or dad are eating. He comes right over  as soon as he sees food on  the table.  Billy's wings are clipped but his little legs sure move quickly. Billy has a big log to sit on that my husband brought home for him.  He sits  on it most of the time, but sometimes he will sneak off and start chewing something that he  shouldn't be chewing on. I usually catch him because he tends to be quiet when he's doing something naughty. Billy loves to sit on shoulders and walk around with us. We also take him outside on nice days."

NOTE: Taking birds outside with clipped wings can be dangerous. If they are startled by a loud noise from a wild bird, a car engine, lawn mower, airplane, barking dog, people talking/shouting etc. they can gain strength to fly  upwards and a great distance, getting lost. Many visitors to Cockatiel Cottage have lost their birds this way. Please do not take your bird outside unless it is in a cage, flight suit or a birdie harness.

Jack and Dylan are owned by Jessie. She said, "These birds are my babies. Jack is bird on the left with the bright orange cheek patches. I got him when he was 2 months old.  He  wasn't friendly at all when I first brought him home. Once his wings were clipped he became more friendly towards me. After a month of showering him with attention, one day he let me scratch him.  This was a big step and one of my proudest moments with him.  Jack was lonely because he was home alone while I was at work. So Dylan was bought as a companion for him.  Dylan was about 3 months old and an aviary bird. Unfortunately  he wasn't as easy to tame as Jack was. As a consequence Jack started copying Dylan's misbehavior and he started to bite.  I recently purchased a 7 week old handfed cockatiel at the pet shop. I haven't named her yet. Hopefully her soft nature will help Jack to become affectionate once again. I just adore  my babies!"

This little angel's name is Ruby. After Dee's beloved cockatiel Sherbet passed away so suddenly, a loving friend gave her Ruby as a gift, She is 10 weeks old in this picture. Dee said, "I wasn't sure if I could cope with a new bird because I was so upset about Sherbet. I took one look at Ruby and I fell in love all over again! I do panic a bit because  she is so young , but she has settled in very well. Ruby loves to be pet and handfed. She always  follows me into the kitchen. I think she may be trying to talk. I have spent a great deal of time  trying to teach her. Ruby will eat any green vegetable even  asparagus! She also likes broccoli and apples. I am slowly introducing her to a pellet based diet. She already has a mineral block and a cuttlebone.  Ruby will play with anything since I  had her wings clipped. She seems to be bouncing along, climbing up chairs. She's  going to be a handful. Ruby is not afraid of anything and will let anyone touch her. I think this is wonderful since she came from an aviary and wasn't handfed. I'm so glad my friend thought so much of me to help me recover from my loss by bringing this little one into my life. I thank you Karen!"

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