Beautiful Birds, May

"My Name is Jake and I'm an 8 year old Grey Tiel.Jon and Danny are my best friends. I can whistle Yankee Doodle, the Wolf Whistle, and Charge. I try my darndest to whistle "This Old Man", but I sing the wrong notes every time. I also like to make up my own songs.I often sing to my shadow on the wall or serenade my snacks before I eat.  I can say "Pretty Boy" and "Hello" and have picked up all sorts of other noises and words. My favorite noise is the "Squeaky Toy" noise I learned from a dog toy. My favorite snacks are Angel Hair pasta, grapes, and millet. I love to play with paper & Q-tips. I carry them around with me and fray the ends. I absolutely LOVE getting my head rubbed and spray mist baths. Sometimes I dance around for 5 minutes after my bath. I also have a very Fatherly instinct. If anyone puts something round in my cage, I'll sit on it and try to hatch it like an egg. I'm very special to my flock and they love me very much."

Demon is Carol's 2 year old, Blue Masked Lovebird. Carol said, "He is very smart, friendly, and loves to chirp. When he hears a song, he will sing to it, and bob his head to the beat. When you talk to him, he responds to you with a loud chirp. Whenever he is bored, he climbs out of his cage, and comes to visit me by my computer. He loves watching TV and chewing on the paper from a book when I am reading. Demon  also loves cucumbers, and soft music. He is afraid of strangers and  is a one-person bird. I am the only one he will listen to. Demon has a best friend named Pippin. Pip is very protective of his territory. The 2 of them go everywhere together. I hope Demon and Pippin live many long years with me."

This is Austin, Kathy's bird. Austin is about 1 yr old. He was raised by his birdy mom and dad and was not a handfed baby. Kathy said, "We have had him here for about a month and he is doing better every day with people. He loves the attention, and is getting alot of it from my three children, Josh, Tori, and Livi. We had his wings clipped, but he is still able to fly somewhat and is very good at it. He can fly onto the curtain rods and flower pot where he likes to perch. He also likes to hang out with me when I'm on the computer. We are still discovering his favorite foods. He really likes millet and he gets a green bean a day. His favorite treat seems to be rice chex cereal though. We are looking foward to many enjoyable years with Austin in our family!"

Ben is Laura's blue crown conure. Laura said, "Ben is a very gentle and loving bird. He talks up a storm most days too. He came to live with us February 2001. I found him in a little pet shop, all alone. I just knew he would be perfect for my female Cheyenne. Ben didn't take long to warm up to Cheyenne. They were and still are inseparatable.  Ben is my talker. He can say Pretty bird, hello, and whatcha doing? Everyday he and Cheyenne will scream in the morning and in the evening. I would always say to them... What's the matter? Before long they were calling that back to me. One day I decided to say something different when they screamed. I said, What are you talking about? Before long, they started saying the same thing! They are so funny to listen to and play with. They will roll over in your hand so you can pet their bellies. They are just too cute." Laura's Website

Goober and Joey are Cheryl's birds.  Goober started acting very strangely. Cheryl said, "She would put her little tush up in the air and jabber like crazy. I called the pet store and they thought it sounded like a male. After watching her for a few days, I knew that Goober was a girl. A friend of mine had a male that she didn't want, Joey, so I took him. Now the pair are making a nest and getting ready to start a family. Joey's disposition changed and he became nasty, but I know this is breeding behavior. I was surprised at how loving the 2 birds became towards me again, after the mating and egg laying process. Goober went back to her sweet personality and she still wants a lot of attention from me. This makes Joey very mad, but now Joey wants to be held too." Cheryl has reported that the happy couple are nesting on 4 eggs. She candled the eggs and they are fertile. The babies are now starting to hatch!

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