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Joey is Colleen's 7 year old cockatiel. She got him 3 years ago when somebody at the nursing home where she works, gave him to her. Colleen had this to say about her adorable little Joey, "He doesn't eat vegetables but will basically eat anything that I eat. He eats a mixture of pellets, seeds, pasta, popcorn and his favorite food is spaghetti. He gets millet seed occasionally as a treat. Joey has a lot of toys but doesn't seem to like to play with them. He mostly likes to follow me around the house and sit on my shoulder. I also have a little traveling cage and take him outside. He likes that too. Joey also loves to come into the shower with me. Although he doesn't talk, he can  whistle tunes like the Andy Griffin Theme song and a lot of other songs he makes up on his own. When I hold up a towel in front of him he'll start to sing. He will also make a squeak sound when I hold up a certain squeezing toy that also makes a squeak. Joey really keeps me company and always gives me something fun to do. I spend all of my free time with him and my family stays with him while I'm at work."

This pied cockatiel's name is Pretty Boy. He is 9 months old and belongs to Traci. She said, "I got Pretty Bird from a breeder and he is the first bird I ever had. He has the most amazing personality! When I got him he couldn't say anything  but now we can't get him to keep quiet. He loves saying that he is a "Pretty, pretty, pretty boy". If you go anywhere near his cage the first thing he says is "Koppiekrat". Of course afterwards we must then stand there and scratch his head for about 20 minutes. Pretty Boy has now recently learned how to imitate the telephone. Sometimes you can never really tell if it's him or the phone ringing. Sometimes he gets in his moods and he just wants to bite you all of the time. Then all I do is I put him on the couch next to me and I don't pay any attention to him or let him back on my shoulder until he behaves. Pretty Bird will sit on the couch and stare at me and whistle until I let him back up. Then he's fine and he stops biting. I must say besides that, he is a lovely bird and I am very lucky to be his owner."

Yaoyao, a lutino cockatiel and Sweetie,a peach-faced lovebird belong to Dawn. Sweetie passed away on February 23, 2004. Both Dawn and Yaoyao are grieving over the loss of Sweetie and Yaoyao is still depressed. Dawn's story is a tribute to both birds. Dawn said, "They are both really friendly. They will walk over your hand, climb up your arm to your shoulder and then sit there. They also love to receive their head scritches from me everyday and they preen each other as well. Sweetie and Yaoyao like to eat with me when I am eating and take a peek at me when I take a shower. Yaoyao loves to jump on top of the blow dryer when I'm drying my hair and Sweetie stays at doorknob like she is a security guard. Yaoyao is very tame and never bit anyone. He loves to join me when I'm reading, just sitting on my hand and looking as if he's really reading too. I take the two cages to my bedroom every night. They don't make any noise until I get up every morning, even though they wake up earlier than me. The doors of their cages are never closed so they are able to fly freely. They will follow me moving around the house. I will never forget Sweetie and miss her so much. Yaoyao also misses his little buddy."

Pete and Newbie belong to Georgia. As some of you remember, Newbie was found in a neighbor's yard surrounded by cats and Pete was in the neighbor's tree. Georgia said, "They have bonded so completely, and really raise a ruckus when separated. Newbie is very prolific. So most of the time I just rattle a couple of eggs and let her sit on them. I don't want her laying eggs all the time and getting sick. Newbie and Pete became parents again on March 21st.  Newbie is the gentlest little girl I have ever seen. She will let me in her box when she is sitting on eggs and even after the babies are born. All she asks in return is a scratch on the head. I have 2 other cockatiels, Clem and Pico. Pico, lays eggs that are not good. When Pico wants to mate, Clem pecks her in the head or knocks her off the perch. Just let Clem out and he heads right for me. When my husband is home Clem will attack me because my husband is his best buddy. Clem will chase after my bare feet and bite me, trying to chase me from the room. I still love him. These are the sweetest creatures and it upsets me so that people just turn them loose. There is no way they can survive outside. There is always someone out there that will take them."

  Boomer is a male normal gray cockatiel and Coco is  a female pearl gray. Shawn said, "Boomer loves to whistle. He can make a very realistic sound of the phone ringing.  One day when he made the phone sound, I actually went over and answered it! My wife laughed for days over that one. Boomer doesn't talk yet but we are working on it. Coco isn't very vocal but sometimes she does whistle quietly. We feed them a blend of cockatiel food and some greens. They also like to eat cheerios. We let them out of the cage all the time and they fly around the room. They also like to play with their toys. This month we where blessed with 4 little babies.  When mom and dad are in the nestbox, they don't care if we look inside and watch. Boomer and Coco will let us pick up the babies and check them. We even handfeed the babies to help mom and dad. They don't seem to mind this at all. Three of the babies are over a week old and one is 4 days old. They are all  doing very well. I got the first cockatiel for my wife as a birthday gift. Now look at us!  We would not give them up for anything! They are a such a big part of are family!"

This little guy's name is Debbie. Annie said, "Debbie is only a year old and he would bite me terribly if I put my finger out. I didn't know that cockatiels screeched and had several family disasters that tore my heart out.  I gave my little guy away to a lady down the street. I passed her place and saw she had my boy outside in a terrible wind. I went home and cried all night and all the next morning. He is not an outside bird and he had no protection from the wind. When my daughter called me I was still crying. I told her what I had done. She went and retrieved my boy. Now I will never part with him again! I was so sorry for what I had done. I have now learned so much about cockatiels and know how to help him change behaviors. He is such a sweet little guy. Debbie loves to sit on my shoulder and cuddle in my neck. Although he loves being with me he will play and amuse himself too.  He comes out and loves to fly a bit and get into mischief. He has a play station that he likes to go on, mainly to chew up the wood. Debbie eats his cockatiel foods, but his favorite  treats are berries. He can whistle the famous wolf whistle and he whistles for the dog. He also says "Hello baby".  I  eventually found out that Debbie was really a male. I kept the name because he already knew it. I'm so glad I was able to get him back! "

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